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The Microsoft Planner team is constantly striving to deliver capabilities that help you stay on top of your tasks—no matter where they originate. This was the impetus for integrating Planner and the Microsoft 365 Message center last year. IT admins were missing important Microsoft updates because there was no way to formally track them. Now, they can quickly convert Message center messages to Planner tasks to ensure every Microsoft release, from security enhancements to new features, are properly deployed.


Customer asks are another driving force behind our development strategy. It was because of users like you that we released more labels earlier this month. Since its inception, Planner has only had six labels for tagging tasks. We long heard from customers this wasn’t enough, and so in early March we expanded that number to 25, enabling teams to better categorize, filter, and find their tasks. 


And now, we’re excited to announce that both Planner in Message center and the 25 color-coded labels are coming to all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 government cloud offerings, including GCC, GCC High, and DoD. (Note, Planner in Message center has been available for GCC since December.) More labels are available now for all three offerings, while Planner in Message center is currently rolling out to GCC High and DoD.




You can now use up to 25 color-coded labels in Planner



If you’d like to keep up with Planner and other task management news, including updates to the Tasks app for Microsoft Teams, visit our Tech Community Blog webpage. And if you’re new to Planner or the Tasks app, our support pages for each—Planner here and Tasks app here—can help get you started.


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