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Pinterest pins can now be interactively embedded into OneNote and Word :pushpin:


Educators around the world love using Pinterest because when it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.  Millions of educators around the world use Pinterest to collect and aggregate education materials, lessons plans, ideas and digital materials for their classroom. Over the past few years, we have heard many requests for Pinterest integration with OneNote. The OneNote binder metaphor, and the ability to easily embed Pinterest pins interactively in OneNote, organize them, or distribute to others in OneNote Class Notebook, seemed like a great match.  In addition, with our recent announcement of Microsoft Word for web support for interactive content, we’ve also added Pinterest support here as well! Today we are excited to announce the integration between Pinterest, OneNote and Word.


As of today, you can now paste any the URL of any Pinterest pin on to a OneNote page or a Word for web document and it will render it as a live interactive embed, similar to how we support embedding many of apps into OneNote and Word for web



To see some examples or how easy this is to do in OneNote, see the example video of a few Pinterest pins being embedded in OneNote.  You can now create pages, sections, and even entire notebooks chock-full of Pinterest pins!  This integration works in OneNote Windows 10, Online, Mac, iPad, Android, and 2016.

OneNote Pinterest.gif


Word for web:

Here is an example of pasting a Pinterest pin into a Word for web document. This embed is currently only supported in Word of web.


We hope you enjoy this new integration to bring together three great apps that educators love!


Mike Tholfsen
Microsoft Education Product Manager


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