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Microsoft Ignite 2020 is quickly approaching. The world has changed a lot since the new Yammer was announced last November and this year’s event will be entirely digital, making it available to attendees instantly around the globe.

The new Yammer is now generally available, which means we’ve got a lot to share about what’s new and how you can use Yammer to drive community and employee experience.

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You can find the entire Ignite session catalog at on September 22nd, but here is a list of our dedicated sessions if you’re looking to learn more about Yammer and employee engagement.


Yammer sessions Ignite.png



Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex, and more (Repeats 3x)
Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. In the 2nd part of a 2-part series, we look at how teams can collaborate fluidly with the latest innovations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. We also look at how organizations can improve employee engagement, communications, and knowledge sharing through SharePoint, Yammer, and Project Cortex.

Employee Engagement and Communities in Microsoft 365 (Repeats 3x)
Learn how Microsoft 365 powers employee engagement using Yammer, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Stream to empower leaders to connect with their organizations, align people to common goals, and to drive cultural transformation. Dive into the latest innovations including live events, new Yammer experiences and integrations, and the intelligent intranet and see how it all comes together.


Engage employees with the new Yammer: Communities, Communications, Knowledge Sharing – Session 1101
The new Yammer is here. See how Yammer has been completely redesigned to power leadership engagement, company-wide communication, and knowledge sharing. This session will cover what’s new and what’s next for Yammer.



Supercharging communications and employee engagement with Microsoft 365 – Session 1045
This session provides both the strategy and tools needed to drive communications in your company. Learn how to keep everyone informed and engaged using SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and live events.


Driving open sharing and knowledge in communities – Session 1069
Capture, shape, and share knowledge across your organization using communities and your intranet.  See how Yammer creates more resilient, intelligent organizations that drive innovation, responsiveness, and engagement at every level.


Yammer Governance in a Microsoft 365 World – Session 1100
Your one stop session for administering your Yammer network and managing compliance, including a double-click into the latest Yammer data governance features like eDiscovery, local data residency, and Native Mode. 


Engaging employees with Yammer  and Microsoft 365 – Session 1043
Similar to the Digital Breakout, see how Yammer, SharePoint, Stream, and Teams work together to deliver a modern workplace solution to engage employees and accelerate cultural transformation across organizational silos, geographic boundaries, and remote workstyles.


Optimize your new Yammer CommunitiesSession 1102
A lot has changed in the new Yammer. In this one-stop shop for community management, you’ll learn what’s new and what’s possible for Yammer community admins. Including:

  • the latest features
  • managing communications and campaigns
  • branding a community
  • hosting live events
  • community moderation
  • and more!

There will also be three (3x) Ask the Experts opportunities running in different timezones to ensure everyone has a chance to connect with our engineering and marketing teams for Q&A. Add them to your session calendar:


Wednesday, September 23  —  1:00pm-1:30pm PT
Wednesday, September 23  —  9:00pm-9:30pm PT
Thursday, September 24 —  5:00am-5:30am PT


Stay tuned! There will be more ways to connect and consume content at Microsoft Ignite 2020 and Yammer will appear in a number of other Microsoft 365 sessions as well. In the meantime, be sure to watch our blog for the latest updates and follow us on Twitter for more news, timing, and discussions.


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Michael Holste is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Yammer and Employee Engagement in Microsoft 365.

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