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NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_1.jpg


Do you ever have trouble getting into the coding flow because you just can’t decide what music you want to jam to? Well, we have just the playlist for you: Now That’s What I Call .NET 5! 


To help celebrate the release of .NET 5, I reached out to some .NET devs around the world and asked them about why they love .NET and what their favorite song to listen to while coding is. With that info, we created the #dev_jams playlist on Spotify and created an album booklet with our featured tracks/devs! Check it out below and feel free to download it for yourself at the bottom of the page. 



NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_2.jpg


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_3.jpg

Scott Hanselman – @shanselman


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_4.jpg

Amiee Lo – @amiee_lo


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_5.jpg

Torin Solarin-Sodara – @tonerdo


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_6.jpg

Aida Crone – @aidapsibr


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_7.jpg

Rodney Littles, II – @rlittiesii


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_8.jpg

Bron Thulke – @_bron_


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_9.jpg

Michael Dera – @michaeldera


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_10.jpg

Mark Rendle – @markrendle


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_11.jpg

Jeremy Sinclair – @sinclairinat0r


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_12.jpg

Jayme Singleton – @jaymesingleton1


NOW! DotNET 5 Booklet1024_13.jpg

+ a special shout out to Marc Duiker (@marcduiker) for creating the amazing pixel art!


What do you think of these featured tracks? Did we miss a song? Let us know your favorite song by using the hashtag #dev_jams on Twitter. Happy jamming!


Also, just in case you missed it – you can download .NET 5 for Windows, macOS, and Linux here. And although .NET Conf 2020 has wrapped up, you can still catch all the sessions on demand and get a head start on all the new features that were introduced with .NET 5!

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