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Over the years the Windows Containers team has strived to listen to customer feedback to implement features and allow new scenarios based on what we hear from you. Today we’re taking another step in expanding our ability to interact directly with customers! We are proud to announce a new GitHub repository dedicated to customer engagement and detailing our product roadmap.

The GitHub is available at This will be the location on which you can interact with the product team. If you’re having trouble with Windows Containers or wish to ask for new features, track the status of existing issues, and check out our plan for the future, then this is the place to do so!


Interacting with the product team

One of the greatest things about repositories on GitHub is that they allow for interaction between repo owners and the public. The Issues tab allows you to add new items to our repository that will then be triaged by the product team. You can open issues to track bugs, feature requests, general questions, and more.

The product team composed by members of the platform (networking, security, and kernel) will regularly monitor this channel and triage new items as they come in. We will interact with users on these issues and populate our roadmap with the according stage.


Check out our roadmap

For the first time, the Windows Containers team will be publishing a roadmap of features and scenarios that are in progress, planned, or under consideration. We hope that this model will demonstrate our dedication to the investment we’re driving into the platform alongside our desire to meet your needs as the customer. Many of your production and mission critical workloads rely on the quality and stability of our product, so it is our utmost priority that the issues you care about most are addressed directly.

The Projects tab on our repository will display a Windows Containers roadmap project on which you can check backlog, planned items, what is in progress, what is currently in public preview, and what has been released:




The items in our roadmap might be from our customers or directly from the product team. You can then open the items to check the details, comment, up-vote, etc.


Let us know what you think about this new channel. We hope you enjoy it and more importantly: that you use it to interact with us!

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