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Microsoft partners like Denodo, Genymobile, and Confluent deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


Denodo Standard 8.0 (Hourly): Denodo Standard is a new, cost-effective option that helps small to medium-sized organizations get started with Denodo for departmental use cases. Its real-time integrated views can combine your Microsoft Azure data sources with data from on-premises databases and applications. Use Denodo’s modern data virtualization to accelerate your analytics and data services.


Genymotion Cloud – Run Android as a VM on Azure: Genymotion Cloud is a suite of Android operating systems based on Microsoft Azure server instances. With Genymotion Cloud, you can access an Android application or environment from any device, just as you would access a remote desktop. This enables mobile threat detection, app testing, content sharing, and more.


Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud: Confluent Cloud lets you harness the power of Apache Kafka without the burden of infrastructure management. The fully managed event-streaming platform helps development teams deliver immediate value with real-time analytics use cases. Start streaming with Confluent Cloud on Microsoft Azure in seconds, with on-demand provisioning of elastically scalable clusters.

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