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Yes, yes, yes, SharePointDsc v4.7 has just hit the PowerShell Gallery! This release introduces two new resource (SPService and SPUsageDefinition) and fixes a bunch of issues. It also contains a small change to the way we create the lock table in the TempDB. We recently discovered an issue where lack of permissions in SQL prevented a successful installation.


You can find the SharePointDsc v4.7 in the PowerShell Gallery!


NOTE: We can always use additional help in making SharePointDsc even better. So if you are interested in contributing to SharePointDsc, check-out the open issues in the issue list, check-out this post in our Wiki or leave a comment on this blog post.


Improvement/Fixes in v4.7:


  • SPSearchServiceApp

    • Added ability to correct database permissions for the farm account, to prevent issue as described in the Readme of the resource

  • SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig

    • Added support for LogonTokenCacheExpirationWindow, WindowsTokenLifetime and FormsTokenLifetime settings

  • SPService

    • New resource

  • SPUsageDefinition

    • New resource

  • SPUserProfileProperty

    • Added check for unique ConnectionNames in PropertyMappings, which is required by SharePoint

  • SPWebAppAuthentication

    • Added ability to configure generic authentication settings per zone, like allow anonymous authentication or a custom signin page


  • SharePointDsc

    • Fixed code coverage in pipeline

  • SPConfigWizard

    • Fixed issue with executing PSCONFIG remotely.

  • SPFarm

    • Fixed issue where developer dashboard could not be configured on first farm setup.

    • Fixed issue with PSConfig in SharePoint 2019 when executed remotely

    • Corrected issue where the setup account didn’t have permissions to create the Lock table in the TempDB. Updated to use a global temporary table, which users are always allowed to create

A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:
Thomas Lieftüchter, Johan Ljunggren, Jens Otto Hatlevold and Paul Woudwijk


Also a huge thanks to everybody who submitted issues and all that support this project. It wasn’t possible without all of your help!


For more information about how to install SharePointDsc, check our


Let us know in the comments what you think of this release! If you find any issues, please submit them in the issue list on GitHub.


Happy SharePointing!!

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