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The .NET Azure IoT Hub SDK team released the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) of the device and service SDKs for .NET. This LTS version, tagged lts_2021-2-18, adds bug fixes, some improvements, and new features over the previous LTS (lts_2020-9-23), such as:

– Handle twin failures using AMQP.

– Make the DeviceClient and ModuleClient extensible.

– Install the device chain certificates using the SDK.

– Make DPS class ClientWebSocketChannel disposable.

– Use CultureInvariant for validating device connection string values.

– Reduce memory footprint of CertificateInstaller.

– Add an API to set a callback for receiving C2D.

– Make set desired property update method thread safe.

– Add support for disabling callbacks for properties and methods.

– Expose DTDL model Id property for pnp devices.

– Make payload in the invoke command API optional.

– Add APIs to get attestation mechanism.

– Improved logging for noting when the no-retry policy is enabled, in the MQTT/AMQP/HTTP transport layers, in the HttpRegistryManager, and in the AmqpServiceClient.


For detailed list of feature and bug fixes please consult the comparing changes with previous LTS: Comparing lts_2020-9-23…lts_2021-3-18 · Azure/azure-iot-sdk-csharp (

The following NuGet versions have been marked as LTS.

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices: 1.31.0

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Client: 1.36.0

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Shared: 1.27.0

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Client: 1.16.3

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Transport.Amqp: 1.13.4

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Transport.Http: 1.12.3

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Transport.Mqtt: 1.14.0

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Security.Tpm: 1.12.3

  • Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Provisioning.Service: 1.16.3


More detail on the LTS 2021-03-18 version can be found here.


Enjoy this new LTS version.

Eric for the Azure IoT .NET Managed SDK team

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