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As more people start using Apple’s iPad as one of their go-to computing devices, the Excel team is working to deliver a great experience on the Excel iPad app. One of the first steps towards this goal is to introduce new keyboard shortcuts to provide users a great authoring experience while using hardware keyboards.


These new keyboard shortcuts will bring the authoring experience on iPad closer to macOS, across different areas such as navigation, editing formulas, and format and edit data.


We will be introducing new shortcuts across multiple iterations over the next few months, starting with 13 new shortcuts in the July release . Here is a list of the new shortcuts – for the complete list please check Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel.



Move to the next sheet in the workbook

Option + Right Arrow

Move to the previous sheet in the workbook

Option + Left Arrow

Apply outline border

Atri_Roy_0-1594928287417.png + Option + 0

Remove outline borders

Atri_Roy_1-1594928287423.png + Option + Hyphen

Hide Column(s)

Atri_Roy_2-1594928287425.png + 0

Unhide Column(s)

Shift + Control+ Left parenthesis ())


Shift + Atri_Roy_3-1594928287426.png + Left parenthesis ())

Hide Row(s)

Control + 9

Unhide Row(s)

Shift + Control+ Right parenthesis ())

Toggle the formula reference style between absolute, relative, and mixed

Atri_Roy_4-1594928287429.png + T


Atri_Roy_5-1594928287430.png + 4

Insert the AutoSum formula

Shift +Atri_Roy_6-1594928287431.png + T

Calculate open workbook

Atri_Roy_7-1594928287434.png + =


We will add more shortcuts in the coming months as we continue to focus on providing users a great experience while using Excel on the iPad. To start using these shortcuts, from the App Store.




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