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Azure Data Explorer offers ingestion (data loading) from Event Hubs, a big-data streaming platform and event ingestion service. Event Hubs can process millions of events per second in near real-time.

The “1-click” tool now intelligently suggests the relevant table mapping definitions according to the Event Hub source, in just 4 clicks.


Click 1:


Click on “Ingest new data” in Kusto Web Explorer (KWE) –> Reference to Event Hub




Click 2:


Connect the Event Hub as a source for continuous event ingestion to a table (new/existing)




Click 3:


The 1-click tool fetches Event Hub events and infers its schema per the event structure. The user must only verify the inferred schema, and make any necessary adjustments.




Click 4:


Click on the “Start Ingestion” button to begin inferring the incoming events in either streaming or batching mode, per your needs.




Next time you need to connect Event Hub with Azure Data Explorer, use 1-click for an easy and accurate definition end to end ingestion definition from table to query.

** All actions are revertible by the service (Tools)

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