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We are excited to share several new Azure Migrate-related assets to help you learn how to discover, assess, and migrate your workloads, and walk you through different migration scenarios.


  1. Azure Migrate L100 deck Learn how to discover, assess, and migrate infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud with Microsoft’s first-party migration service, Azure Migrate.

  2. Azure Migrate L300 deck  Take an in depth look at Azure Migrate use cases. This deck gives a more detailed description of different server migration scenarios – agentless VMware, agentless Hyper-V and agent-based migrations for physical servers, AWS servers and servers from other clouds.

  3. We also have several click-through demos to walk you through various migration scenarios:

    1. AWS to Azure Migrate Demo

    2. Physical to Azure Migrate Demo

    3. Hyper-V to Azure Migrate Demo

    4. VMware to Azure Migrate Demo

To stay up to date with the latest Azure Migration Resources, check out our GearUp page. To learn more about Azure Migrate, read documentation here.



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