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Listen to your employees, monitor their engagement, and understand the pulse of your organization better than ever before by using Network Analytics in Viva Engage. Network Analytics provides an at-a-glance overview of your organization’s top engagement trends across the entire network. This includes employee sentiment, cross-community insights and AI-powered conversation summarization to help you stay-up-to-date with all the activity happening in your network. Network admins and those assigned a corporate communicator role will be able to access these advanced analytics. In order to access Network Analytics, users must have a Viva suite or Employee Communications and Communities (C&C) license. 




Gone are the days of manually searching for the most engaging conversations across your network or trying to tally up the most mentioned themes and hashtags. With Network Analytics, you can see detailed metrics that show you exactly where conversations are taking place, which themes employees are most passionate about, how effective announcements are, and which communities are most active.

Best Practices

Review top themes and top conversations – we’ve made triaging these conversations across your entire organization easier than ever. Now you can deep dive into the conversations that are occurring within your organization and quickly review themes related to the most critical commentary.



Network analytics helps you easily identify themes, trends, and engagement across the network.

You can even see daily trends by hovering over the graphs on the dashboard. To learn more about our sentiment analysis, see: Sentiment and theme analysis in Viva Engage – Microsoft Support.



Post sentiment is included in Network Analytics

Understand the effectiveness of broad communications within your organization by analyzing the announcements breakdown. You can also review which leaders and employees are most active on Engage by reviewing the Frequent Contributors panel. Acknowledge these employees directly from Network Analytics by praising their contributions to the organization.




Finally, if you’d like to review which Communities are implementing best practices, look no further than the popular communities table. Here you can sort communities by those with the most posts, or most active members. Understanding which community rituals are leading to high engagement can be a great way to pass along helpful tips to other Community admins.




Get started today!

To access Network Analytics, select the global analytics entry point (at the top of the web browser) and click on the “Network analytics” tab:




If you cannot see the tab, confirm that you have either the network admin or corporate communicator role assigned to your user profile on Viva Engage. If you need to be assigned as corporate communicator, contact your network admin to help you gain access to the role.


Learn more about setting up Network Analytics here: Viva Engage Network Analytics


What’s coming soon?

New! Employee retention analysis – we’ll help you understand how employees who use Engage are more likely to be retained at your organization. The Viva Engage employee retention metric in Network Analytics shows the difference in the 28-day employee retention rates of employees who do and don’t use Viva Engage. Learn more about our retention analysis here Viva Engage Employee Retention – Microsoft Support



Watch the recording of the Deep Dive Webinar! Demos and lots of Q&A shared during the webinar as well! 


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Interested in more analytics? See View and manage analytics in Viva Engage

Check out this Analytics Adoption guide for more about the analytics in Viva Engage.



How is sentiment analysis determined?
Sentiment analysis is a Viva Engage premium feature that aggregates data across Viva Engage conversations to surface trends. To understand more, see Sentiment and theme analysis in Viva Engage – Microsoft Support

Who has access to view and manage network analytics?
Access to the data in this dashboard is restricted to include only network admins and corporate communicators. These users can change settings via the Engage admin center.


What admin controls are available? Can analytics features be turned off?
Yes, we provide the network admin and corporate communicator roles the ability to adjust which analytics features are enabled within the admin center.

What licensing requirements need to be met?
Network analytics is only available to Viva Suite or Employee Communications and Communities licensed users.

How often is data refreshed?
Analytics are refreshed daily. If you don’t see changes reflected immediately, check analytics the next day.

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