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We are happy to announce that the July 2020 release (1.2020.709.0) of the MSIX Packaging Tool is now available!


We have release the MSIX Packaging Tool through the Microsoft Store, and are offering the offline download of the tool and license here as well.


Our July 2020 release features new abilities such as the ability to edit multiple items at a time in Package Editor, and the improved support for installer types. To learn more about other great features and fixes we’ve made, you can check out our release notes. If you have any questions, feature ideas, or just want to connect with the Product Team, join our Tech Community. We love connecting and hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to file any feedback with us via the Feedback Hub as well!


Don’t forget about our Insider Program, which gets you early access to releases as they are in development!


Sharla Akers (@shakers_msft)

Program Manager, MSIX

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