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There was a recent erroneous system message on Feb 14th regarding the deprecation of Azure IoT Central. The error message stated that Azure IoT Central will be deprecated on March 31st, 2027 and starting April 1, 2024, you won’t be able to create new application resources. This message is not accurate and was presented in error.


Microsoft does not communicate product retirements using system messages. When we do announce Azure product retirements, we follow our standard Azure service notification process including a notification period of 3-years before discontinuing support. We understand the importance of product retirement information for our customers’ planning and operations. Learn more about this process here: 3-Year Notification Subset – Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn


Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive, secure, and scalable IoT platform. We want to empower our customers to build and manage IoT solutions that can adapt to any scenario, across any industry, and at any scale.  We see our IoT product portfolio as a key part of the adaptive cloud approach. 


The adaptive cloud approach can help customers accelerate their industrial transformation journey by scaling adoption of IoT technologies. It helps unify siloed teams, distributed sites, and sprawling systems into a single operations, security, application, and data model, enabling organizations to leverage cloud-native and AI technologies to work simultaneously across hybrid, edge, and IoT. Learn more about our adaptive cloud approach here: Harmonizing AI-enhanced physical and cloud operations  | Microsoft Azure Blog


Our approach is exemplified in the public preview of Azure IoT Operations, which makes it easy for customers to onboard assets and devices to flow data from physical operations to the cloud to power insights and decision making. Azure IoT Operations is designed to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of IoT solutions, while giving you more control over your IoT devices and data. Learn more about Azure IoT Operations here:


We will continue to collaborate with our partners and customers to transform their businesses with intelligent edge and cloud solutions, taking advantage of our full portfolio of Azure IoT products. 


We appreciate your trust and loyalty and look forward to continuing to serve you with our IoT platform offerings.




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