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HLS Mid-Day Café3.png  Join us January 11th at 12 noon eastern for the Kickoff of Mid-Day Café as we feature Microsoft’s Raj Gopalakrishnan, Sr. Director and Principal Program Manager, Enterprise Engineering, Microsoft Teams. Raj will be presenting on Microsoft Teams Voice and taking your questions. Additionally, Microsoft’s Samantha Brown, Mark Litwin, Pete Anello, and Patrick Miller, will be joining me to bring you the latest in Microsoft News, Events, and more.

Mid-Day Café is a new, weekly, fast paced, live web series by the HLS Group. Join us each Monday at 12 noon eastern.

September 11th Lineup:

  • Welcome and Introductions.

  • Mid-Day Café News in 2!

  • Upcoming HLS Events in 1!

  • Microsoft Teams Voice featuring Raj Gopalakrishnan.

  • Open Q&A

  • Wrap Up

How to join:

Thanks for visiting – Michael Gannotti   LinkedIn | Twitter

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