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Go further with Microsoft Lists. You know you want to. And now you can – on-demand.


We recently delivered five live workshops across multiple time zones – and we learned a lot. We’ve refined the content based on feedback and tightened up a few additional things – mindful of your time and ease of consumption.


The result: We’ve got a great two-part, on-demand workshop – two videos wrapped in a single page with additional resources. Dig in and learn how you and your team can best utilize Microsoft Lists. We teach you how to use and create views, configure conditional formatting, adjust forms, use rules, and more. Plus, we highlight no-code and low-code solutions leveraging integrated tools from the Power Platform. You’ll also find materials to deliver the Lists workshop to your organization (PowerPoint, speaker notes, demo materials).


Jump into the Microsoft Lists on-demand workshop now! [for ease of copy/pasting and sharing with others:]


What you’ll find on the Lists workshop page


Watch the two-part Microsoft Lists workshop on-demand ( the two-part Microsoft Lists workshop on-demand (

Microsoft Lists workshop, part 1: “Creating and collaborating”

We’ll start with the basics – clarity on what Lists is and what it isn’t – including addressing numerous frequently asked questions (FAQs). We’ll then focus on a variety of ways to create lists from the new Lists home page and from within Microsoft Teams – inclusive of using new ready-made templates. Lots of demos – lots of insight.


Microsoft Lists workshop, part 2: “Make Lists work for you”

Continuing from part 1, we turn to making lists work for you using filters, views, rules, and formatting. We end with a look at how Lists integrates with the Power Platform to take lists even further with custom forms, flows and reporting. We wrap up with the roadmap to share what’s coming next for Microsoft Lists.


BONUS | Host a Microsoft Lists workshop within your organization

Interested in conducting a Microsoft Lists training within your organization – to kick off a pilot or help ramp up your future list pros? We’ve provided a few helpful, downloadable resources to assist your internal Lists evangelism (commonly delivered in 3-4 hours) – PowerPoint with speaker notes and demo suggestions + content for demo’ing creating a list from Excel.


Jump into the Microsoft Lists on-demand workshop now! (if you haven’t yet already)


We, too, have updated our Lists resource and adoption centers – our core public destinations to learn and consume all things Microsfot Lists (blogs, videos, demos, podcasts, deployment resources, and more). Let us know what you think. 


Happy workshopping!


Thank you, Mark Kashman – senior product manager (Microsoft Lists)


P.S. did you jump into the Microsoft Lists on-demand workshop yet? Just checking ;)

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