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Call Summary:

This month’s in-depth topic:  Get Change notifications delivered via Azure Event HubsBrief introduction to Graph change notification (webhooks) and Change notifications delivered via Azure Event hubs.   Microsoft Program Manager presenters – George Juma and Kalyan Krishna.  This session was delivered and recorded on April 15, 2021.  Live and in chat Q&A throughout call. 



In-depth topic:

Get Change notifications delivered via Azure Event Hubs


A new Microsoft Graph platform capability gives developers using change notification features in Microsoft Graph the option to get change notifications delivered to their applications more quickly and at scale using Azure Event hub.   With Microsoft Graph, changes (in data in Microsoft Graph) are tracked with webhooks, a.k.a., change notifications.   Presently you get change notifications via a API REST end-point exposed on the internet. 


Azure Event Hub is a real-time events ingestion and distribution service built for scale.  Ideal for high throughput (no dropped notifications due to timeouts), no public URL (security), no missed notifications if temporally off-line.    Operationally, Microsoft Graph Change Tracking places notifications in Event Hub and your app retrieves messages from Event Hub rather than from publicly exposed end points on the internet.   You need not poll for changes, change notifications are pushed to your app.  You need only subscribe to notifications.     


In the end-to-end demo, the presenter steps through app registration, provisioning of an Azure Event Hub, an Azure Storage and a container, add a Shared Access Policy, create an Azure Key Vault (secure connection strings), add subscription connection string and IDs of resources to the app.    







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