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Technology is profoundly impacting our lives—from the way we connect with each other, to how we interpret our world. With that, we have seen an explosion in the amount of data created, accessed, and shared across businesses. Also, many companies are now facing compliance and risk management requirements due to industry or government mandates.


To help you intelligently assess your compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements, FastTrack assistance for Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities is now available. This assistance is available for eligible customers with 150+ licenses.


How can FastTrack help?

  1. Get started: FastTrack will guide you through these steps to ensure a strong foundation for the engagement.
  • Ensure data exists in the cloud: Make sure that you have the correct licenses and are using the necessary solutions for your compliance needs.
  • Define team roles and responsibilities: Compliance solutions often have different owners, so you need to identify who should be involved in each solution discussion.
  • Review your compliance score: And take quick actions to raise your score.
  1. Lead scenarios: These are solutions that we recommend organizations implement as a compliance baseline. Using these solutions has minimal user impact. FastTrack will walk you through how to configure these solutions.  
  • Know your data: Helps you to understand sensitive and business critical data across your organization. It informs the solutions you should deploy to mitigate data risks.
  • Communication Compliance: Enables you to monitor Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and third-party content for code of conduct violations, to enforce internal policy, or for regulatory reasons.
  • Communication DLP: Protects your organization’s sensitive information in every Team and channel. It can block sensitive information from being shared in Teams.
  • Insider Risk Management: Helps you to identify and act on critical insider risks. It looks at signals across Microsoft 365 to alert you to suspicious behavior.
  1. Compliance and risk management in depth: These are solutions that take more time and effort to deploy, as they require user adoption. FastTrack will guide you on a plan to deploy these solutions.
  • Information Protection: Protect your sensitive data—wherever it lives and travels. Use sensitivity labels to apply protections to documents, sites, and Teams.
  • Information Governance: Intelligently govern data across your environment to reduce risk. Use retention and deletion policies to manage the content lifecycle.
  • Records Management: Identify and label content that is a record. Labelling as a record ensures that it cannot be changed or deleted. Manage content in-place with defensible disposition.
  • Advanced eDiscovery: Quickly find and respond with only the relevant information. Reduce the cost of investigations with Artificial Intelligence (AI).


How do you get started?


To take advantage of the FastTrack deployment assistance for Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities, visit to submit a Request for Assistance (sign-in required). See the FastTrack Benefit for Microsoft 365 for more details about compliance assistance.

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