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We are constantly keeping the Microsoft Defender ATP Ninja training up-to-date to include the latest content. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is what has been added since it was published in July: 



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What’s new

SecOps Fundamentals:
Module 4. Attack surface reduction


SecOps Intermediate:
Module 2. Threat and vulnerability management


SecOps Expert:
Module 4. Advanced hunting


  • webcast.png Webinar series, episode 1: KQL fundamentals (MP4, YouTube)
  • webcast.png Webinar series, episode 2: Joins (MP4, YouTube)
  • webcast.png Webinar series, episode 3: Summarizing, pivoting, and visualizing Data (MP4, YouTube)
  • webcast.png Webinar series, episode 4: Let’s hunt! Applying KQL to incident tracking (MP4, YouTube)

SecAdmin Fundamentals:
Module 3. Grant and control access


SecAdmin Intermediate:
Module 1. Threat and vulnerability management

SecAdmin Intermediate:
Module 2. Attack surface reduction

SecAdmin Expert:
Module 2. Advanced hunting


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