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Today I am happy to announce an expansion of our longstanding partnership with Bitnami (now part of VMware) to deliver a collection of production-ready templates on the Azure marketplace for our open source database services—namely, MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgres.


In this blog post you can learn about the Bitnami Certified Apps (what many of us call “templates”) for our Azure Database for PostgreSQL services are available on the Azure Marketplace and are production-ready.  You can also find Bitnami templates using Azure Database for MySQL and MariaDB.



More importantly, these Bitnami templates make it easy for you to manage the complexity of modern software deployments.


And when we say the Bitnami templates make it easy, we mean easy: these templates for our Azure open source databases give you a one-click solution to deploy your applications for production workloads. Bitnami packages the templates following industry standards—and continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and application updates.


Invent with purpose on Azure with Bitnami templates !


Bitnami templates available with PostgreSQL on Azure Marketplace


The current collection of Bitnami production-ready templates on the Azure marketplace are for these applications.


  1. Airflow for PostgreSQL
  2. CKAN for Postgres—with Hyperscale (Citus)


The Bitnami Community Catalog on the Azure Marketplace give you certified applications that are always up-to-date, highly secure, and built to work right out of the box.


In these solution templates for the Azure open source database services, our Azure and Bitnami engineering teams have worked together to incorporate all the best practices for performance, scale, and security—to make the Bitnami templates ready for you to consume, with no additional integration work necessary.


Airflow with PostgreSQL on Azure



Caption: Airflow with Azure Database for PostgreSQL


You can build and manage your company’s workflows using Apache Airflow solution that gives you high availability, better performance, and scalability. This Bitnami template for Airflow uses two virtual machines for the application front-end and scheduler, plus a configurable number of worker virtual machines. It also uses Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Cache for Redis to store application data and queue tasks.


Try Airflow with Azure Database for PostgreSQL


CKAN with PostgreSQL & Hyperscale (Citus)




Caption: CKAN with Hyperscale PostgreSQL (Citus)


With this Bitnami template for CKAN, you can now build an open data management system on Azure that is based on CKAN. CKAN is used by various governments, organizations and communities around the world when they need store and process large amounts of data from census data to scientific data. This is a scalable solution that uses several virtual machines instances to host the applications which also include virtual machines for Solr , Memcahced and managed  databases using Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.


Try CKAN with Hyperscale Citus PostgreSQL


If you’re building an application on Azure using CKAN or Airflow with Azure Database for PostgreSQL or Hyperscale Citus, here are a few of the reasons I recommend you consider taking advantage of the Bitnami templates on the Azure Marketplace.


Bitnami templates lower your TCO


These Bitnami production-ready templates are available to you at no additional cost than the underlying Azure services being used to host the application. These services are already optimized to reduce the total cost of ownership using the elastic cloud infrastructure.

You also get Azure advisor recommendations for your managed database service, so you can scale up or down based on your usage telemetry.


Managed database services on Azure enable you to focus on your application—not your database


Azure managed database services provide high availability with 99.9% SLA and ease of scale up or down your servers based on what your application needs are. You can easily backup and perform point-in-time restore for business continuity and disaster recovery. Using Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL, you can scale out horizontally your multi-tenant app on Azure—or build a real-time operational analytics app that gives your customers sub-second performance even with billions of rows.


Security benefits that are built into Azure


With these Bitnami templates on Azure, you can use built-in security features like using SSL connectivity to the database server and using Azure Role-based access control (RBAC) to control who has access to the server.


You can also use our Advanced Threat Protection feature for the managed databases to detect anomalous activities indicating unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit databases.


You can also read this blog post from Bitnami (now part of VMWare). We are thrilled to work with Bitnami and focus on simplifying the experience for developers to build solutions using community based applications like CKAN and Airflow.  


What our leaders are saying about the Bitnami & Azure collaboration


Sunil Kamath is Director of Product Management for OSS databases at Microsoft Azure Data—here is Sunil’s take on the importance of our partnership:


“Developers want simple, fast ways to deploy production-ready solutions on the cloud. We have been excited about our partnership with Bitnami—now part of VMware—to deliver what customers say they care about the most. Today, together with Bitnami, we are thrilled to launch new production-ready and enterprise-grade Bitnami templates for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more, making it easier than ever for developers to run these solutions on the Azure cloud. These solutions are built to fully utilize the best-in-class intelligence, enterprise security, and scalability offered by Azure database services for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.“


Daniel Lopez is the former CEO/Founder of Bitnami and is now Sr. Director R&D at VMware. When asked for his perspective on the partnership with Microsoft Azure, Daniel said:


“Bitnami has worked closely with Microsoft for many years to provide Azure customers with a wide array of ready to deploy open source software in a variety of formats including virtual machines, containers, Helm Charts, and ARM Templates; and across environments including Azure and Azure Stack. Our recent expansion of this partnership with the Azure Data team is a particularly exciting area of development as we’re bringing together the convenience and simplicity of Bitnami applications with the power and scalability of Azure Data services; creating a low-friction and high-value win for customers. We’re also proud of this collaboration in highlighting the type of innovation and benefits the cloud operating model allows us to unlock.”


Want to learn more about Azure open source databases & Bitnami?


Below are some resources if you want to dig in further and try out some of these Bitnami production-ready templates with our Azure open source databases.


Oh and if you have ideas for more Bitnami templates we should create that you think you and other developers would benefit from on the Azure Marketplace, please provide feedback on UserVoice. We would love your input.




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