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Microsoft is continuously looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient for our customers.


We’re happy to introduce our new Microsoft 365 self-guided wizard for business and enterprise customers, based on scenario and product selections for deployment, migration, adoption, learning, and security. The self-guided wizards also include a new remote work and learning path, in response to COVID-19, for business use, plus education and government entities.  We’ve collected our best resources, based on your unique and specific needs.  Look for regular monthly updates to our wizards, including additional scenario and user coverage.


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You can select whether you are looking for resources for Microsoft 365 for Business (small and medium business plans) or for Enterprise, along with the new COVID-19 path to address a variety of remote work and learning scenarios.


Based on your selection, the wizard will guide you through a set of simple questions to help you identify the top resources for guidance and implementation.


Let’s start by looking at scenarios. Currently, we have five scenarios available within the Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise selections. Let’s look at the security scenario:




Now, select which security scenario you need help with:




Based on your selection, the tool will walk you through several more questions to help identify the best resources to address your needs.


Let’s jump to the end of the wizard, where you are given recommendations based on your specific selections:




Remember, we will continue to grow and curate this wizard with our latest offers, resources, and customer-identified needs. We hope that this helps to connect you with the right resources to give you a head start on your Microsoft 365 journey.


For customers seeking guidance in addition to the self-serve resources, FastTrack for Microsoft 365 offers remote deployment assistance at no additional cost, for customers with 150+ licenses of eligible plans.


We’d love to get your feedback, so please comment and let us know what other wizards would be helpful to your organization. Thank you.

Brought to you by Dr. Ware, Microsoft Office 365 Silver Partner, Charleston SC.

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