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In Project Plan 1, Project for the web has had some recent updates to its licensing.  Please read on to find out about this exciting news! 


  • Reduce repetitious and time-consuming work using Power Automate to create flows based on Project for the web data. As examples,

    • Automatically send emails when members of your team have a task due that week.

    • Use defined business process flows to support governance and compliance for activities such as reviews and approvals for your project intake process.


  • Customize your Project for the web experience to meet unique requirements of your department.

    • View, add, update, or delete columns in related Project for the web Microsoft Dataverse tables.

      • As example, if you want to track the projects that need legal sign off, you can add this requirement as a column that will be available for all projects.

    • Create and tailor Dataverse tables with data specific to your needs.

      • As example, if you need to track permits that are associated with tasks in your projects, then you can add a permits table.


  • Create and share reports with your team and stakeholders.

    • Build custom reports, dashboards, or portals with either Power BI or Power Apps that best support you and your team’s needs to share status and insights.

    • View data for projects, programs, portfolios, and resources in a variety of ways such as out-of-the-box or custom reports, and dashboards.



For more information, review the Project service description and give us feedback below in the Comments section. 

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