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The June 2021 Windows 10 Security update (KB5003637) includes a pre-requisite for the Servicing Stack Update which is included in the May 2021 Windows 10 Security Update (KB5003173).  If you use Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to manage and deploy your monthly cumulative updates, you must install the May 11, 2021 update (KB5003173) before you can install the latest cumulative update.

Because the June 2021 security update supersedes the May 2021 security update, it is possible that the May 2021 security update is no longer deployable in your Configuration Manager environment if you have changed the supersedence rule from the default. This could impact your ability to meet the pre-requisites for the June 2021 security update.



The May 2021 Windows 10 Security Update is not yet expired: To prevent the May 2021 security update from being marked as expired before all your devices are updated, ensure that the supersedence rule’s “Months to wait before a superseded software update is expired” setting is set to the default of 3 months, or to an interval long enough to get the update installed on all required devices.


The May 2021 Windows 10 Security Update has already been expired:  If you still need to deploy the May 2021 security update and it has been marked as expired, follow the directions in Supersedence and Expired Software Updates to recover an expired update.


TIP: Use the Software updates deployment re-evaluation behavior upon restart user experience setting. Select this setting to configure software updates deployments to have clients run a software updates compliance scan immediately after a client installs software updates and restarts. This enables the client to check for additional updates that become applicable after the client restarts, then installs them during the same maintenance window. This setting could reduce potential delays between the May 2021 security update install and the June 2021 security update being returned as applicable and installed. By default, software update deployments are reevaluated every 7 days.

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