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We wanted to inform you of a known issue with the Android 10 Samsung A10 biometric authorization in case you run into it. Launching any apps with App Protection Policies (APP, also known as MAM) on an Android 10 Samsung A10 with biometric authorization enabled (face recognition/thumbprint) will cause the device to crash. This issue has already been filed with Google and Samsung but we have not seen resolution. Due to this, in January’s Company Portal release, we will be disabling biometric authentication on impacted devices and these devices will use a PIN instead.


To work around this issue, you can create/edit your Android APP policies to Block for device biometrics settings and set this policy for an assigned group for Android 10 Samsung A10 users.


Screenshot displaying blocking biometric authenticationScreenshot displaying blocking biometric authentication


Note: Biometric authentication will work to unlock the device.


We’ll keep this post updated as we receive additional information.


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