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Check out the first challenge right now:
“The Perfect Holiday Turkey” on the Seasons Of Serverless Website




An Azure Advocates Festive Developer Challenge!

The Azure Advocates have teamed up with Microsoft Student Ambassadors around the world for a new multi-week series of developer challenges – just in time for the festive holiday season!!! Join us as we travel the globe in search of popular festive recipes for our virtual potluck – and find intriguing ways to tackle each chef’s challenges with our time-tested serverless recipes! 




Origin Story:
Every year around the holiday season, Dominique and Simone’s friends eagerly look forward to their annual holiday friend 
potluck. This year, since they can’t meet in person to share food and company, so they’re trying something new – a virtual potluck! Each of their friends is going to be presenting a home-cooked dish from their holiday traditions and culture that’s meaningful to them. 


The Mission:
Our intrepid chefs (and challenge creators) quickly realized that making these dishes requires a little help – andthey think serverless fits the bill quite nicely!

#SeasonsOfServerless follows on the footsteps of last year’s popular #25DaysOfServerless challenge. This year, we wanted to give you more time to enjoy each challenge so we spaced them out – a challenge a week starting November end, and going through the holidays into the new year!







#SeasonsOfServerless follows in the footsteps of our 2019 #25DaysOfServerless challenge. We realized that developers not only enjoyed solving the code puzzles, but they also loved learning about festive customs and cultures around the world. However, the challenge-a-day pace is not holiday-friendly. So, this year we’re spacing them out a little more – with one challenge a week starting Nov 23 and continuing into the New Year!  

Let’s Do This!! :flexed_biceps:



Check out the first challenge right now:
“The Perfect Holiday Turkey” on the Seasons Of Serverless Website


The Perfect Turkey - #SeasonsOfServerlessThe Perfect Turkey – #SeasonsOfServerless


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