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Join Microsoft Ignite digital experience on March 2-4 2021 to learn, connect, and explore new tech that’s ready to implement. The Microsoft IoT teams are eager to connect with you and your world-wide community to share the latest and greatest of their work in all IoT domains, from Edge Intelligence to IoT device integration and management at scale. Register for this free event today!

Whether you are new to IoT and looking to learn new skills to further your career, or you are an IoT expert and want to apply your exiting skills in the world of Microsoft, expect technical presentations, ask-the-experts sessions, and roundtables just for you.




Our goal: simplifying IoT


As the Internet of Things is evolving, growing, and expanding, driving the digital transformation and now integrating into end-to-end solutions at all levels, from devices and sensors all the way up to business applications, Microsoft aims at simplifying IoT.

Azure IoT services make it easy to integrate IoT devices into Cloud applications, as easy as plug and play! They also allow bringing the power of the intelligent cloud all the way to the edge in a scalable and secure way. During the event we will drill down on the latest and new IoT technologies that will further the goal of simplifying IoT for all.


Register today to reserve your seat in the IoT sessions


You can head to the Microsoft Ignite registration page today and register for the event for free.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the sessions you won’t want to miss:




Replay Date/time

Event Keynotes

Multiple speakers


8:15-10:45 AM PST


5:30-7:30PM PST

Session: Accelerating Edge AI solutions

Joe Coco, Steen Graham


11:00-11:30 AM PST


8:30-9:00 PM PST

Session:  New Innovations to bring AI to the Edge

Roanne Sones, Moe Tanabian


10:30-11:30AM PST


7:30-8:30PM PST

Ask the Experts:  Streamlining IoT Device Lifecycle Management

Vidhi Mehta, Daisuke Makahara


11:30PM-12:30AM PST


Ask the Experts: New innovations to bring AI to the edge Sven Gruenitz 3/rd
12:00PM-12:30 PM PST
Session: The Internet of Robotic Things: How IoT, MR and Robotics are Driving Industry 4.0 Justin Jackson, Marek Matuszewski On Demand  


Connect directly with IoT product teams in the round table sessions


Attendees can sign up in advance and engage in meaningful discussion-based connections with Microsoft product experts and peers.

The Azure Sphere and Azure Digital Twins teams can’t wait for this opporunity. More details coming soon.





Round Table: Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere team


Round Table: Azure Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins team


Connection Zone: Explorer the new trends in Edge AI

Chetan Gadgil, Chirag Shah


1:00-1:30PM PST


Book a 1:1 consultation now!


If you want or need a one-on-one consultation, you can sign up on the site now to reserve your very own time with our SMEs to discuss your project, issues, requirements related to Azure Sphere, Azure Defender for IoT, Azure IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Time Series Insights, IoT Plug and Play, EFLOW + Windows IoT and more.

Once you have registered for the event, sign up for a 1:1 consultation here. [TODO: add link]


Get ready for the event and start your learning experience early


As we are all eagerly waiting for the event to kick off, we recommend you start ramping up (or take a little refresh) on Azure IoT by checking some of our learning resources:


Stay tuned for more news


As we come closer to the event we will update this post with more details on the sessions, so don’t forget to bookmark the page and follow @MSIoTDevs on twitter to stay in touch.

We look forward to connecting and learning with you!

The IoT team




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