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Our goal is to support our customers’ needs, wherever they might be. To this end, we’re introducing the Surface API Management Service, aimed at simplifying how you access information about your devices, coverage and insights.


Surface API Management Service.pngExtend Surface Management Portal

This service builds on the familiar Surface Management Portal, enabling IT admins to directly access Microsoft coverage and entitlement information for their devices via API endpoints. It’s a practical enhancement for those already using the portal, designed to make device management more straightforward.


The service at a glance

The Surface API Management Service is an API management system that allows you to gain access to APIs that provide you with information about your devices. 


These APIs serve as a direct conduit for customers seeking to streamline their asset management processes. By seamlessly connecting to the API, IT admins gain immediate access to critical device and warranty information, essential for effective asset oversight. Tailored specifically for Surface customers, this integration offers a hassle-free solution, eliminating the need for convoluted data acquisition methods. Now, with the simple integration of this API, customers can quickly retrieve pertinent details, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their asset management strategies.


Our first launch experience will allow current Surface Management Portal users to get their Microsoft coverage and entitlement information for their devices directly through API endpoints. Through our portal you can also see more of the performance and usage of the APIs across the globe with Surface API Management Service Reports.


Surface API Management Service reports.png


Get access to Surface API Management Services

To access, you need an active Surface Management Portal Account and a completed customer validation check. (If you have access to create service requests within Surface Management Portal you have been approved.)


Email request to

Subject: “Requesting Access to Surface API Management Service”

Include the following info:

  • Company Name

  • Tenant ID

  • Tenant primary domain (e.g.

  • Application (client) ID*

  • Estimated quantity of Intune-registered Surface devices in your organization


Get started

To get started with using the APIs, see the Readme on GitHub.

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