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While organizations of all sizes use Microsoft 365, very small businesses (VSBs)—those with 10 or fewer people—have very different needs from medium and enterprise customers. When it comes to using cloud services, VSBs tend to focus on the productivity essentials like using Office to share information, using calendars and email, and using Teams to communicate with their customers.


To help VSBs also focus on the administrative essentials, we are introducing a new experience in the Microsoft 365 admin center called the admin simplified view. This experience can be used by Global admins in any organization that has Microsoft 365, but it is designed primarily for VSBs.



The experience provides you with access to users, teams, and billing information in one view, and it guides you through simplified flows of top actions to take, such as adding users, installing Office, and enabling Teams, email, and calendaring. To revert to the complete admin center experience, you can click Dashboard view.

We are testing this simplified experience over the next few months. An early version is shipping first to targeted release customers starting early next month. We plan on adding more scenarios around onboarding and ongoing subscription management. As always, we are listening to your feedback, so please feel free to reach out using the feedback option in the Microsoft 365 admin center at any time!

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