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I’m happy to introduce our Azure IoT Ask the Expert series to you.

Each month, from September onwards, our engineers and specialists will briefly introduce an IoT topic in the Learn IoT discussion section of this community and will open it up to you to ask any questions or thoughts relating to that topic you may have.

These Ask an Experts are intended to be longer lasting Q&As which are inclusive of anyone of you around the world, in all time zones and to create a legacy of questions and answers tailored to your needs. This is why we have chosen to add them as a conversation to the Learn IoT section of the IoT Tech Community opposed to host them as a short, live discussion.


Which topics can you expect?




Link to discussion


IoT and Security

Martin Tuip



Computer Vision

Paul DeCarlo






This table will be updated both with new discussion topics, ahead of time as well as links to past discussion topics.


September Ask the Expert Topic: IoT and Security

From the 2019 ‘IoT Signals Report’ we’ve learned that 30% of you feel that complexity and technical challenges are the biggest barrier to the adoption of IoT and to the digital transformation of your company. Security was called both to be one of the main drivers for the implementation of IoT as well as one of the biggest challenges. As security is so top of mind, this will be our first Q&A topic.

Get your questions ready

On the first working day of each month, a new Ask the Expert will be live in the Learn IoT conversation section of this website, plus we will update this blog post with a link. Your questions or ideas around the topic of the month can be added as comments to that specific conversation – the conversation will be monitored for a full month. We’re looking forward to seeing your questions and thoughts in the next upcoming Ask the Expert!

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