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We are a MSc student research team from Imperial College Business School London

Team members Bastian Drengemann, Mats BrandtBartolomeo PoggiLara Hartmann, and Phillip Zimmer and we are eager to understand your perspective on Microsoft Learn and the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) application as student or faculty. During the next weeks, we are working closely with the Microsoft Learn LTI Open Source Team to help shape the future of education tool with Microsoft Learn. 

Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning resources for Microsoft products and cutting edge technologies. The goal is to empower students and educators to learn about technology through fun, guided, hands-on content aimed at specific learning goals.  


To bring Microsoft Learn’s content into the classroom, an LTI application enables you to seamlessly blend self-paced learning content from the Microsoft Learn catalog with your curriculum and Learning Management System (LMS). 


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For institutions: IT administrators and educators (5min) 

For students (3min) 

Your insights are key to understand how Learn and LTI can enter the classroom and how they offer value to a blended learning curriculum. Do you want to participate in building future learning paths? Do you want to express how you see the future of higher education?

Let us know how we can empower you as an educator or student! Click on the survey links now.

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