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Critical Infrastructure (CI) owners and operators, and other users who obtain Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, should be aware of a GPS Daemon (GPSD) bug in GPSD versions 3.20 (released December 31, 2019) through 3.22 (released January 8, 2021). 
On October 24, 2021, Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers using bugged GPSD versions 3.20-3.22 may rollback the date 1,024 weeks—to March 2002—which may cause systems and services to become unavailable or unresponsive.  
CISA urges affected CI owners and operators to ensure systems—that use GPSD to obtain timing information from GPS devices—are using GPSD version 3.23 (released August 8, 2021) or newer.
For more information, see Keeping Track of Time: Network Time Protocol and a GPSD Bug.

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