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Mixed reality merges the digital and physical worlds. A key piece of the digital world is visualizing 3D models. Being able to view and interact with valuable 3D assets in mixed reality is improving workflows across many industries.


Azure Remote Rendering allows you to view these 3D models in mixed reality without the limitation of edge compute.

What is Azure Remote Rendering 

Remote Rendering is a Mixed Reality Azure service that enables you to render high quality, interactive 3D content in Azure and stream it to devices like HoloLens 2 in real time. This lets you experience your 3D content in mixed reality with full detail, going beyond the limits of low powered devices. We offer an intuitive SDK backed by a powerful cloud service that makes it easy for you to integrate into your existing apps or any new apps.


Why use Azure Remote Rendering

As industries move to take advantage of mixed reality, being able to view complex 3D models unlocks a ton of business value. While HoloLens 2 is an incredible, untethered computer, it’s still limited in its processing power. To work around the limitation, designers and developers have traditionally resorted to a process called decimation where detail is removed from a model to enable visualization on mixed reality headsets. Decimation not only simplifies the model but can also take a large amount of time.  

With Remote Rendering, you can skip the decimation process and view your complex 3D models in HoloLens 2 without any loss of detail.


Azure Remote Rendering Use Cases 

Remote Rendering can bring value across many industries that require complex 3D models. Two use cases I want to highlight are 3D design review and layout visualization.


3D Design Review 

Whether you are building a car engine or designing a new skyscraper, the ability to view the model in 3D and in mixed reality allows you to see how the product fits together. In addition to the benefits of viewing your product in 3D and spotting any issues, using Remote Rendering can create common understanding and speed up decision making, without having to go through a time intensive decimation process.


Layout Visualization

Imagine you are designing a factory line for a new product. With Remote Rendering and HoloLens 2, you can view the entire factory line in the real space to easily spot any errors, misalignments or missing pieces, thereby saving valuable time and avoiding costly rework.


Learn Module

We created a Microsoft Learn module to help you get started with Remote Rendering! In this module, we explore foundational concepts for Remote Rendering and take you through the process of creating the Azure resource followed by rendering a model in Unity. No device is required to complete the module; however, you’re welcome to deploy to a HoloLens to try out the experience in your real-world environment.


Check-out the video preview and visit to get started!

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