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A quick post about the error and fix. The customer tried to create a trigger activation and it fails.


Trigger activation failed for Trigger 1.
Failed to subscribe to storage events for event trigger: Trigger 1


The customer had the correct permissions he was the owner of the workspace as the matter of fact he was admin.

He also had a storage blob data contributor. So it seems everything was in place. Even though I checked the logs regards this failure and I saw there was a permission error.


Here it goes why:


“The integration described in this article depends on Azure Event Grid. Make sure that your subscription is registered with the Event Grid resource provider. For more info, see Resource providers and types. You must be able to do the Microsoft.EventGrid/eventSubscriptions/* action. This action is part of the EventGrid EventSubscription Contributor built-in role.”

Options are:

  • Owner permission on the storage

  • Eventgrid RBAC subscription contributor and reader on the Subscription 


That is it!

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