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Last year, we started requiring multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Advertising online. Multi-factor authentication is a security process that requires you to verify your identity in two different waysStarting in April we will require multi-factor authentication for all users who sign in through a third-party application that uses the Bing Ads API. 


What users need to do:  When you sign in and allow third-party applications to access your Microsoft Advertising account , you’ll be asked to provide a second form of verification that matches contact information in your Microsoft account profile. You must check your Microsoft account settings now  to ensure that your security information is up to date.  


What developers need to do: Upon enforcement of multi-factor authentication, if your users have not setup multi-factor authentication the Bing Ads API will not accept any access tokens that you obtain or have already obtained on the user’s behalf. We recommend that you inform and guide users to complete multi-factor authentication in advance. 


As always please feel free to contact support or post a question in the Bing Ads API developer forum

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