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The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors community is for students—like you—who want to use tech to solve real-world problems with like-minded peers, establish themselves as mentors and leaders in their community, and amplify their impact.  


Student Ambassadors get the opportunity to connect with other students around the world (from 102 countries and counting!), foster their own online communities, get training and earn certifications, and tackle practical challenges, all while building key technical and soft skills to help them succeed.  They can also make meaningful progress on the socially significant issues that they care about.   


“I found the Student Ambassador program to be full of like-minded individuals who share an equal passion for a better world with the help of technology.” 

–Basu, first-year student at ITI Institute  


Let’s start at the very beginning. 


So you’ve read about the community.  Maybe you have a friend who is a Student Ambassador or you’ve attended an event hosted by one or you’ve read about some of the recent graduates and their experience in the community.  Maybe you’ve even checked out the infographic to find out who the Student Ambassadors are, what they’re all about, and how diverse the community is.  You decide to send in your application*, and hopefully you’re selected to become a Student Ambassador during one of our quarterly application reviews.  What happens next? 


The global community of Student Ambassadors is the heart of the program, and upon acceptance, you’re immediately connected to every other fellow Ambassador via Microsoft Teams as well as with Microsoft mentors who are there to help you along your journey. 


You can collaborate with other students who share your passion in dedicated Leagues focused on various technologies and social issues and apply your collective skills towards solving real-world challenges together. You’ll then have the opportunity to show off your work in local and global challenges like the Microsoft Imagine Cup and student hackathon events.   And if you’re not yet sure what your passion is, it’s okay. As long as you’re willing to explore different things and try them out, you are definitely welcome in our community! 


You’ll have support from Microsoft in the form of unique access to experts like Cloud Advocates and MVPs who can offer remote mentorship, guide your League’s efforts, and provide opportunities for you to be part of the team while you prepare for graduation. These experts are also here to help you plan and run your events as you help skill people in your own local communities. 


Microsoft makes it easier for you to make progress on the issue or technology that means the most to you by providing tools to help you–like monthly Azure credits, free access to Microsoft 365 apps like PowerPoint and Excel, cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, and development tools in Visual Studio, as well as free software from our technology partners like Techsmith’s Snagit screen capture software and the Camtasia screen recorder and video editor.   


Plus, you can start building valuable career skills with self-guided online courses with Microsoft Learn.  If there’s a topic you’re interested in, whether it’s Machine Learning, Python, Azure static web apps, or something else, master it at your own speed with these courses that provide step-by-step guidance.  When you’re done, you can get access to a free certification exam! 


There are numerous event opportunities:   

  • Attend virtual events held by subject matter experts from Microsoft and other organizations that focus on technical skilling and professional development 

  • Attend virtual events held by fellow Student Ambassadors who want to share their knowledge and passion with other students.   

  • In turn, you’ll pay it forward and share your knowledge and passion by hosting events and offering guidance to other students.  By providing your expertise and empowering your peers, you expand your impact and separate yourself from the pack by becoming a leader in your local tech community.  On average, each Student Ambassador-hosted event reaches 63 peers! 

  • Score opportunities to attend Microsoft-hosted events. You’ll be able to attend the annual virtual Student Ambassadors Summit consisting of tech demos, panel discussions, and networking opportunities all aimed at helping you build your skills and amplify your impact in the community.  You might even be invited to share your knowledge as a speaker at other events like Microsoft Build! 

  • And of course, there will be social/team building activities because what would a community be without those? 

There are certain milestones that can be achieved by Student Ambassadors,.  The first 2 are self-paced, so you get to determine when you want to attain the next level, while the 3rd one is by Microsoft team nomination only and is reserved for outstanding Ambassadors who go above and beyond in serving their community.  With each milestone you reach, you are awarded additional awesome benefits.  

Overall, the program was exactly what I needed as a student. 


It offered me a supportive community where I could be myself, thrive, and work towards building something that was much greater than myself.  This community gave me a chance to not only develop technical skills and soft skills but also have connections to cherish even after leaving the program. 

–Sabiha, recent Student Ambassador graduate 


So, are you ready to be a part of a global community where you can connect with peers, learn from practical experience, and teach others about the topics that drive you?  Then apply to join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program today!  


If you’re into tech, if you’re into learning, if you’re into being part of student communities, just join this program. Don’t think twice. 

–Sukhman, recent Student Ambassador graduate 


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*Applications are accepted all year long. 

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