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We were recently alerted to an Intune Company Portal issue whereby users would see an error in Jamf Self Service. If you run into this, there’s two options to resolve.



When users attempt to register a Jamf-managed Mac using Company Portal app v2.6 or later, users see the following error in Jamf SelfService:


Error: Microsoft’s Company is not installed. {com.jamf.aad.errors code=1}


Root Cause 

The Company Portal for macOS app’s bundle identifier has been updated in Company Portal v2.6. As a result, Jamf Pro 10.21.0 or earlier cannot detect the new bundle identifier.  



To resolve this issue, complete one of the two options below:


Option 1: 

Update to Jamf Pro 10.22.1 or later when using Company Portal for macOS v2.6 or laterYou can install the latest Company Portal for macOS here.


Option 2: 

Install Company Portal app for macOS v2.5 or earlier when using Jamf Pro 10.21.0 or earlier.


JAMF has published an article with similar guidance: here.


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