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Azure Monitor<->Azure Data Explorer cross-service querying

This experience enables you to query Azure Data Explorer in Azure Log Analytics/Application Insights tools (See more info here),

and the ability to query Log Analytics/Application Insights from Azure Data Explorer tools to make cross resource queries. (See more info here.),



For example (querying Azure Data Explorer from Log Analytics):



Where the outer query is querying a table in the workspace, and then joining with another table in an Azure Data Explorer cluster (in this case, clustername=help, databasename=samples) by using a new “adx()” function, like how you can do the same to query another workspace from inside query text.


Both experiences are in Private Preview.

The ability to query Azure Monitor from Azure Data Explorer is open for everyone to use – no need to be allowlisted,

The ability to query Azure Data Explorer from Log Analytics/Application Insights requires to be allowlistedWe need the following to get you enrolled (you can send the info to me):

  1. Tenant ID

  2. List of the Azure Data Explorer clusters (the list is required to enable the team to modify the callout policy of that cluster, that will allow them to communicate with the proxy)

  3. Email address


We started a private preview program, and we are happy to add early adopters to experience the new functionality.

Please note that the product is new with limited SLA, and we estimate that we will be able to move to pubic preview with production level SLA within ~2-4 months.

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