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Link feature for Managed Instance is a new feature providing a hybrid connection between SQL Server 2016 (Enterprise, Developer and Standard editions) hosted anywhere and the fully managed PaaS service Azure SQL Managed Instance, providing unprecedented hybrid flexibility and database mobility. With an approach that uses near real-time data replication to Azure using Always On technology, you can offload workloads to read-only secondaries on Azure to take advantage of a fully managed database platform, performance, and scale. The link can be operated for as long as you need it – months and years at a time, empowering you to get all the modern benefits of Azure today without migrating to the cloud. On your modernization journey, when and if you are ready to migrate to the cloud, the link de-risks your migration experience allowing you to validate your workloads in Azure prior to migrating with a seamless and instant experience, and at your own pace. In this episode of Data Exposed with Dani Ljepava and Anna Hoffman, you’ll dive deeper into the insights of this new feature.


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Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance (preview)


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