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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management now streamlines warehouse configuration, reducing the time it takes to set up, validate, maintain, and troubleshoot your warehouse management processes. Let’s take a closer look at these and other improvements that help prevent wrong configurations and improve your users’ experience.

Location directive scope simplifies Warehouse management configuration

The new location directive scope feature eliminates the need to configure different location directives for multiple SKUs. You can now configure one location directive for a work unit that consists of single or multiple items, saving time, reducing maintenance and troubleshooting, and maximizing efficiency. Scope options give you more freedom when you design location directives and help reduce redundant configurations.

Location directive scope also allows you to edit the query that defines when a directive should be applied for a single order with multiple items.

We strongly recommend using this feature, especially if complexity and number of records make your location directive configuration difficult to manage.

Save time configuring Warehouse management with guided setup

Configuring Warehouse management is a time-consuming task if done manually. New step-by-step wizards in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management make configuring the Warehouse management module easier than ever before.

  • The Warehouse management initiation wizard provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for configuring basic settings from scratch, such as when you’re adding a legal entity.
  • The Warehouse initiation wizard provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for setting up an individual warehouse.

The Warehouse implementation tasks workspace helps you track your progress through a pre-configured list of tasks required to implement Warehouse management from scratch.

New troubleshooting tools find common mistakes in Warehouse management configuration

Errors in your Warehouse management configuration can lead to disaster. Additional validations and a new set of self-healing rules in the optimization advisor make it easier to identify and correct the most common configuration errors. We strongly recommend running the optimization advisor after you configure the Warehouse management module to detect any missing or incorrect configurations.

A new Preview query results feature helps you determine why a location directive isn’t working as intended, allows you to confirm the desired outcome of your queries, and helps you quickly identify issues with your query configurations.

Acceptance tests speed up validation of location directive configurations

In the past, Warehouse management customers would set up location directives, create test data, execute the process, and see whether the system worked. If it didn’t, they were back to square one, changing the setup, recreating test data, wasting time and money. Testing location directives was a laborious manual process that could take a lot of time.

The Warehouse management module now includes a powerful framework called acceptance tests. Its purpose is simple: to facilitate faster validation of location directive configuration. Here’s how the acceptance tests feature can be so powerful:

  • Test it before you embrace it: After you set up a location directive, you can test to validate the outcome of the directive without having to create test data. You can also use smart on-hand simulation to validate your configuration.
  • Visualize the location directive flow: The coverage view uses colored highlighting to indicate which location directives, lines, and actions were used in determining the result of a selected test.
  • Simplify maintenance: Turn on Run tests after change to automatically run all tests any time you change a location directive.

Adjust query criteria quickly with Edit query preview

The ability to reuse queries across warehousing configurations provides a great deal of flexibility. The new Edit query preview allows you to quickly review and adjust criteria when needed in the Related information panel, without having to open Edit query.

New Move up and Move down buttons in the Work templates page allow you to quickly change the sequence of work templates.

Copy configurations

Now you can roll out location directives to new warehouses without mistakes by copying location directive configurations across warehouses.

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