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If you add a certificate to Server Certificates in IIS but you don’t see it in the binding window, there are two things to check first:

  • Make sure the certificate you added to “Server Certificates” is the one you created a “Certificate Request” for. If you add a certificate that wasn’t requested in “Server Certificates”, it won’t show up in IIS binding window even if it does in “Server Certificates” list
  • Make sure there is a private key in the certificate (steps are below)


Check if the certificate has a private key:

  • Open mmc. Add Certificates for Computer account
  • A “key image” should be on the certificate image. You can also check it by double clicking the certificate



If the certificate doesn’t have a private key, run the command below.

certutil -repairstore my [thumbprint]


You should see CertUtil: -repairstore command completed successfully message. Close IIS Manager and open it again. Then check if the certificate appears in the binding window.

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