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The Azure Sentinel Ninja training is not static and always updated. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is the list of updates for you:

Module 2: How is Azure Sentinel used?


Module 3: Cloud architecture and multi-workspace/tenant support


Module 6: Threat Intelligence

Connect ThreatConnect TIP with Azure Sentinel


Module 7: KQL

The Azure Sentinel KQL Lab – an interactive lab teaching KQL focusing on what you need for Azure Sentinel: YoutubeMP4SlidesLab URL


Module 8: Write rules

Approximate, partial and combined lookups


Module 11: Use cases

Use cases focus: working from home.

Module 13: Hunting

Threat Hunting – AWS using Sentinel (MP4YouTubePresentation).


Module 14: Extending and integrating Azure Sentinel

Using the Sentinel API to view data in a Workbook


Module 15: Roadmap

We have a new exciting roadmap! Since roadmap information is provided under NDA, reach out to your Microsoft account team to discuss an Azure Sentinel roadmap presentation.




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