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Azure Sentinel All in One is a project designed and developed by @Javier Soriano (Senior Program Manager – Microsoft), @Hesham Saad  (Sr. CyberSecurity Technical Specialist – Microsoft) & @Sreedhar Ande  (Program Manager – Microsoft) that seeks to speed up deployment and initial configuration tasks of an Azure Sentinel environment in just a few clicks!, this is ideal for Proof of Concept , Pilot scenarios and connector onboarding when highly privileged users are needed.


The main script in this repository takes care of the following steps:


  • Creates resource group (if given resource group doesn’t exist yet)

  • Creates Log Analytics workspace (if given workspace doesn’t exist yet)

  • Installs Azure Sentinel on top of the workspace (if not installed yet)

  • Enables the following Data Connectors:

    • Azure Activity

    • Azure Security Center

    • Azure Active Directory

    • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

    • Office 365 (SharePoint, Exchange and Teams)

    • Microsoft Cloud App Security

    • Azure Advanced Threat Protection

    • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

    • Threat Intelligence Platforms

  • Enables Analytics Rules for enabled Microsoft 1st party products




These instructions will show you what you need to now to use Sentinel All in One.


  • PowerShell Core

  • Azure user account with enough permissions to enable the required connectors. See table below.

  • Some data connectors also require a license to be present in order to be enabled. See table below.

The following table summarizes permissions and licenses needed to enable each Data Connector:


Data ConnectorLicensePermissions
Azure ActivityNoneReader
Azure Security CenterASC StandardSecurity Reader
Azure Active DirectoryAny AAD licenseGlobal Admin or Security Admin
Azure Active Directory Identity ProtectionAAD Premium 2Global Admin or Security Admin
Office 365NoneGlobal Admin or Security Admin
Microsoft Cloud App SecurityMCASGlobal Admin or Security Admin
Azure Advanced Threat ProtectionAATPGlobal Admin or Security Admin
Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat ProtectionMDATPGlobal Admin or Security Admin
Threat Intelligence PlatformsNoneGlobal Admin or Security Admin




Download the project’s package from github repo, follow the usage guide and the below gif:




Get started today!


We encourage you to try it now and leverage the next generation of SIEM world for your environment.  You can also contribute new connectors, workbooks, analytics and more in Azure Sentinel. Get started now by joining the Azure Sentinel Threat Hunters GitHub community.

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