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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 84 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Asset Performance Management.png

Asset Performance Management: By harnessing machine condition data (vibration, oil, thermography) and process operating data, Symphony Industrial AI provides accurate and predictive information on machine health and performance with a portfolio of integrated products.


AugmentedStore: Create an enhanced sales channel that helps customers understand more about your products in an interactive way. Support customers in their decision-making process with an at-home digital experience that improves your brand awareness and sales conversion rate.


Bedrock: Bedrock is a cloud-based enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps you achieve a faster time to market for massive-scale AI engines. Inbuilt governance enables transparency and accountability of AI, the foundation for responsible AI deployments in enterprises.

BeyondMinds AI Platform.png

BeyondMinds AI Platform: BeyondMinds enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform delivers hyper-customized, production-ready AI systems that enable companies to overcome the massive failure rate in AI adoption and rapidly implement ROI-positive transformations.

BIA Employee.png

BIA Employee: Help employees manage their human resources activities anytime with this complete human capital management (HCM) platform. Enjoy powerful tools for reporting and data analysis with Microsoft Power BI and benefit from single sign-on with Microsoft 365 integration.

CENTERSIGHT scale - Your flexible IoT solution.png

CENTERSIGHT scale – Your flexible IoT solution: CENTERSIGHT scale enables fast implementation of initial Internet of Things (IoT) projects so you can immediately see a return on investment. It links Microsoft Azure services with ready-to-use IoT applications for solutions based on a flexible framework.

CGI Renewables Management System (RMS).png

CGI Renewables Management System (RMS): Need a real-time monitoring, control, and performance management solution for your power plants? RMS uses Microsoft Azure services like Azure IoT Hub and Azure Machine Learning to maximize availability, decrease energy losses, and boost your bottom line.

Cloud Native CMS & DXP for Joomla.png

Cloud Native CMS & DXP for Joomla: Build websites, portals, intranets, extranets, and more with this image from VMLAB. It contains all the components required to deploy and run the open-source content management system (CMS) Joomla! on Microsoft Azure.

Connected Drums.png

Connected Drums: This digital solution for cable drum management combines hardware, software, services, and engineering expertise to enable real-time pinpointing of drum location, allowing you to optimize drum management, logistics, and rotation cycle time while preventing loss and theft.

Content Collaboration Platform based on Seafile.png

Content Collaboration Platform based on Seafile: Sync, share, and collaborate across devices and teams with this image from VMLAB. It contains all the components required to run the open-source file sync and share solution Seafile on Microsoft Azure, designed for high reliability and performance.


Coroban: Assess the risk of your medical patients falling by analyzing electronic records through the artificial intelligence Concept Insider, enabling uniform and objective judgments while reducing the burden on hospital or facility staff. This application is available only in Japanese.

Document Project CRM and Collaboration All in One.png

Document Project CRM and Collaboration All in One: VMLab offers this preconfigured image of ONLYOFFICE Groups for Microsoft Azure. ONLYOFFICE Groups is an open source collaborative system developed to manage documents, projects, customer relationships, and email correspondence, all in one place.

Enterprise AI Bots.png

Enterprise AI Bots: DBA LOUNGE’s Enterprise AI Bot on Microsoft Teams integrates with ERP and non-ERP business applications to create a conversational experience that interprets users’ intent, automating processes and delivering contextual responses to text commands.

Genpact Cora Finance Analytics.png

Genpact Cora Finance Analytics: Built on a robust and scalable data foundation layer, Cora Finance Analytics is Genpact’s comprehensive analytics solution that provides finance teams with strategic, operational, and tactical capabilities to help them make better, faster, and more insightful decisions.

Graphical and Creative Programming Platform.png

Graphical and Creative Programming Platform: VMLab provides this preconfigured image of Scratch GUI, which is a set of React components that compose the interface for creating and running Scratch 3.0 projects on Microsoft Azure.


HoloMuseum: HoloMuseum offers new ways to engage visitors during their remote or on-site museum tours. Visitors connect through Microsoft Teams or other collaborative platform and share the same point of view of the tour guide, who, thanks to Azure Spatial Anchors, can draw on several elements of each display.​


INFRABIRD: Nexans INFRABIRD helps telecom service providers prevent unauthorized access to their fiber-to-the-home street cabinets. The keyless access and Internet of Things supervision system can be deployed in just a few minutes to turn passive cabinets into smart, cloud-connected assets.

JARVIS Video Analytics - Automating Existing CCTVs.png

JARVIS Video Analytics – Automating Existing CCTVs: Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams (JARVIS) is an AI-powered video analytics platform that can be used on existing CCTV infrastructure to automate safety, security, and operational SOPs in real time.

Klaviyo Power BI Connector.png

Klaviyo Power BI Connector: Innovoco’s Klaviyo Power BI Connector enables users to gain access to hidden data from Klaviyo, integrate it into the business intelligence ecosystem, and visualize it using Microsoft Power BI. Bridge the gap between the data you need and the dashboards you use.

Market For Help.png

Market For Help: Available only in Italian, GeckoWay’s Market For Help is a cloud platform available to associations and public administration for managing the social service of giving assistance to disadvantaged people.

Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365.png

Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Metallic delivers enterprise-grade data backup and recovery with the simplicity of SaaS. With comprehensive coverage across production and sandbox environments, Metallic protects Microsoft Dynamics 365 data with ease – helping your business stay safe, compliant, and rapidly recoverable.

Metallic Database Backup.png

Metallic Database Backup: Metallic Database Backup offers a single solution to protect the structured data of database servers. The solution ensures backup as a service (BaaS) will enable customers to quickly and easily back up and recover database data from SQL Server, SAP HANA, and Oracle.

Metallic File & Object Backup.png

Metallic File & Object Backup: Metallic File & Object Backup offers a single solution to protect data stored on Windows, Linux, and Unix servers as well as in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files. Leverage cost-optimized protection for your unstructured data.

Metallic Salesforce Backup.png

Metallic Salesforce Backup: Metallic SaaS Backup delivers powerful, enterprise-grade data backup and recovery. With broad-ranging coverage across the Salesforce Cloud, Metallic safeguards valuable data from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attack. Keep your cloud data secure and recoverable.

Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup.png

Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup: Metallic VM & Kubernetes offers a single solution to protect workloads in hybrid virtual environments. Protect on-premises virtual machines running on Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere and cloud-native workloads running on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine.

MinIO Blob Storage Gateway (S3 API).png

MinIO Blob Storage Gateway (S3 API): MinIO Gateway provides an Amazon S3-compatible API for objects stored in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Enable applications to simultaneously use both the Azure Blob Storage API and the Amazon S3 API to access buckets and objects with the same credentials.

NousMigrator for Cognos to Power BI.png

NousMigrator for Cognos to Power BI: Migrate Cognos reports to Microsoft Power BI faster with reduced risks and complexities using NousMigrator. NousMigrator partially automates report migration, reducing both the risk of human error when migrating and the time to market per report.

Open Source Cloud Native CRM for SuiteCRM.png

Open Source Cloud Native CRM for SuiteCRM: VMLab provides this preconfigured image of SuiteCRM with PHP runtime on Microsoft Azure. SuiteCRM delivers workflow, reporting, portal, quotes, invoices, accounts, contacts, and much more with a responsive mobile theme and Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird integration.

Open Source Online Office Suite.png

Open Source Online Office Suite: VMLab provides this preconfigured image of ONLYOFFICE Docs Community on Microsoft Azure. ONLYOFFICE Docs Community is a powerful online editor for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Supported formats include docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, pdf, rtf, html, and more.

Open Source Wiki and Knowledge Base Software.png

Open Source Wiki and Knowledge Base Software: VMLab provides this preconfigured image of MediaWiki on Microsoft Azure. MediaWiki is an open-source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is used by several other projects of the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis.

OpenText EnCase Information Assurance.png

OpenText EnCase Information Assurance: EnCase Information Assurance (formerly EnCase eDiscovery) is a data risk management solution designed to help corporations and government agencies locate sensitive or regulated information quickly across the entire IT infrastructure.

PostgreSQL Server.png

PostgreSQL Server: Cloud Infrastructure Services provides this preconfigured image of PostgreSQL Server and pgAdmin on Ubuntu Server 20.04. PostgreSQL is an enterprise-class, open source relational database system that supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying.

PostgreSQL Server with pgAdmin.png

PostgreSQL Server with pgAdmin: Cloud Infrastructure Services provides this preconfigured image of PostgreSQL Server and pgAdmin on CentOS Server 8.3. PostgreSQL is an enterprise-class, open source relational database system that supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying.

Process Performance Optimization.png

Process Performance Optimization: Symphony Industrial AI’s Performance 360 channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies to optimize the performance of process units and plants, increasing reliability and availability, minimizing costs, and reducing operational risks.

Rapid7 VM Scan Engine.png

Rapid7 VM Scan Engine: Rapid7’s vulnerability management solutions, Nexpose and InsightVM, reduces your organization’s risk by dynamically collecting and analyzing risk across vulnerabilities, configurations, and controls from the endpoint to the cloud.

Recorded Future for Azure Sentinel.png

Recorded Future for Azure Sentinel: Recorded Future reduces security risk by automatically positioning threat intelligence data in your Microsoft Azure environment. Data is delivered to Azure Sentinel to provide context and empower analysts to identify and triage alerts faster, proactively block threats, and more.

Refactr Runner.png

Refactr Runner: Refactr helps you jump-start your journey to IT-as-code by introducing the latest automation techniques in DevSecOps. With minimal setup, DevSecOps teams can create repeatable, software-defined, and secure automation pipelines that are executed with a few clicks or through automation triggers.


RemoteSelling: RemoteSelling offers new ways to engage customers during remote or on-site shopping. Visitors connect through Microsoft Teams or other collaborative platform and share the same point of view of the sales representative, who, thanks to Azure Spatial Anchors, can draw on several elements of each product.

Route Guard _ IP Hijack Detection & Prevention.png

Route Guard | IP Hijack Detection & Prevention: Developed based on 15 years of academic research, Route Guard from BGProtect is a comprehensive IP hijack detection and prevention solution that provides IP hijack detection regardless of the hijack technology.


Scappman: Scappman enables you to easily install and update applications on your Microsoft Intune-managed computers, offering an enterprise-grade software and patch management solution for small businesses that want to work securely and remain up to date.


SELMID: SELMID, an IDaaS for B2C operators, is provided in Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C to enable users to easily and flexibly implement SNS support of existing businesses, SNS cooperation, and identity verification for new services and businesses. This application is available only in Japanese.

Shobdo – Speech Keyword Spotting AI.png

Shobdo – Speech Keyword Spotting AI: Shobdo on Microsoft Azure is an AI-powered speech and keyword-spotting solution that provides brands with actionable insights by using machine learning models to recognize specific words and key phrases from audio recordings.

Shopify Power BI Connector.png

Shopify Power BI Connector: Innovoco’s Shopify Power BI Connector enables users to gain access to a wider range of fields and data from Shopify, integrate the data into the business intelligence ecosystem, and visualize it using Microsoft Power BI. Bridge the gap between the data you need and the dashboards you use.

Smaartpulse Ecommerce.png

Smaartpulse Ecommerce: Enixta Innovations’ Smaartpulse helps eliminate consumer confusion and shorten the purchase decision cycle time by generating actionable insights for products and helping consumers find the portions of product reviews they care about the most.

SquaredUp Dashboard Server.png

SquaredUp Dashboard Server: SquaredUp Dashboard Server lets you easily deliver real-time answers from any data source to anyone in your business. Connect to, surface, and dashboard any data to provide real-time insights so teams can optimize outcomes and identify issues fast.

Terragon CDP.png

Terragon CDP: The Terragon Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a marketing solution that aggregates and organizes customer data across a variety of touchpoints and data platforms to create persistent, unified records of all your customers, their attributes, and their interests.

VIVE Process Intelligence Platform.png

VIVE Process Intelligence Platform: VIVE’s Process Intelligence Platform is a cross-industry domain application addressing all the usual business processes, including supply chain and logistics, for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, oil/gas/energy, smart cities, government, and more.

Write-Back Tool - Power BI.png

Write-Back Tool – Power BI: Innovoco’s Write-Back Tool allows Microsoft Power BI users to update source systems while staying within the context of the Power BI dashboard. The solution extends the BI functionality from traditionally being a read-only tool to a tool that allows users to create, edit, and delete data.

Consulting services

Azure Baseline Managed Services.png

Azure Baseline Managed Services: This managed service from Spikes enables an optimal Microsoft Azure environment with guaranteed 99.95% uptime. Spikes employs Recovery Services vaults to monitor, support, manage, and restore backups, and it uses Azure Site Recovery to ensure availability.

Azure Information Protection 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Information Protection: 3-Week Proof of Concept: This consulting offer from CS IT LLC pilots the use of the Microsoft Azure Information Protection data protection and encryption service, removing risks and concerns regarding its implementation. This offer is available only in Russian.

AKA Azure Cloud Adoption Assessment 4 Weeks.png

AKA: Azure Cloud Adoption Assessment: 4 Weeks: The experts at AKAVEIL will provide a clear plan on how to use Microsoft Azure to enable the digital transformation of your business. This consulting offer maps your current IT infrastructure, calculates total cost of ownership, and assesses cloud readiness.

App Modernization 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

App Modernization: 10-Week Proof of Concept: The experts at Canarys will work with your teams to plan, prioritize, and modernize or migrate your systems (identified apps) and deploy on Microsoft Azure App Service, Azure SQL, or to a container-based architecture using Azure Kubernetes Service.

Application Migration to the Cloud 4-Week Assessment.png

Application Migration to the Cloud: 4-Week Assessment: This consulting engagement with T-Systems is designed to help a customer plan and perform business-to-business infrastructure and application layer migrations to a Microsoft Azure environment. This offer is available only in Hungarian.

Application Modernization 2-Week Assessment.png

Application Modernization: 2-Week Assessment: This consulting engagement with Devoteam assists customers in identifying and prioritizing applications for modernization to Microsoft Azure. Customers are provided a cost estimate, reference architecture design, and modernization plan.

Azure AI ML Ideation 8-Hour Workshop.png

Azure AI/ML Ideation: 8-Hour Workshop: A Rackspace data scientist will show you the possibilities of Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning, then take you on a technical deep dive into machine learning products and the associated tools and services enabling AI/ML frameworks on Azure.

Azure Cognitive Services 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Cognitive Services 8-Week Proof of Concept: This consulting engagement with Persol uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search to support the evaluation of knowledge mining using your environment and text and image data. This service is available only in Japanese.

Azure Cost Optimization 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 4-Week Assessment: Engineering experts from T-Systems will review your Microsoft Azure configuration and recommend optimizations that will result in predictable future costs to help you avoid overspending. This consulting service is available only in Hungarian.

Synapse Analytics Hands on Lab  1-Day Briefing.png

Azure Synapse Analytics Hands-on Lab: 1-Day Briefing: Datasolution’s consulting services for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics provide insights into the efficient utilization of IT resources through analytics and an overall understanding of data warehouse services. This offer is available only in Korean.

Windows Virtual Desktop 1-Day Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Implementation: Available only in German from SVA System Vertrieb Alexander, this offering is aimed at customers who need a 24×7 professionally managed Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) environment with an appropriate ITIL operating approach, high stability, and service management.

BaaS Backup as a Service.png

BaaS Backup as a Service: Quickly and easily protect your Microsoft 365 data with Zones Backup as a Service. This managed service offering on Microsoft Azure enables your organization to back up data and restore it directly with a call or email to a Zones data management expert.

Baseline Analytics Azure EDW Implementation.png

Baseline Analytics: Azure EDW Implementation: This consulting service combines an agile approach with Enfo Sweden’s 20 years of experience to kick-start your analytics and data platform project via a solid delivery methodology and a proven Microsoft Azure reference architecture.

Build Smart Data Platform Hybrid Cloud 5-Day Implementation.png

Build Smart Data Platform Hybrid Cloud: 5-Day Implementation: NTT Com will survey your network and server infrastructure, then help you design and implement the Microsoft Azure environment required to securely store your assets. This offer is available only in Japanese.

Cloud Adoption 4-Hour Workshop.png

Cloud Adoption 4-Hour Workshop: This CEO/CTO/CIO-level workshop from CLOUD SERVICES, based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, can help organizations looking for best approaches in technical framework, organizational transformations, and staff competency readiness.

Cloud Advisory Services - 3-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Advisory Services – 3-Week Assessment: Coforge’s Cloud Advisory Services help enterprises identify the need for infrastructure and application modernization, identify drivers of modernization, and develop an overall IT transformation strategy for moving applications to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Native 1-Day Online Workshop.png

Cloud Native 1-Day Online Workshop: Available from Cloud Services, this one-day workshop is designed to simplify and accelerate your journey toward modernizing your applications and building new ones using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service.

Data Mart-as-a-Service Analytics DevOps Implementation.png

Data Mart-as-a-Service: Analytics DevOps Implementation: Data Mart as a Service enables the full potential of a data-driven organization by providing a fully hosted Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Microsoft Power BI reports, and the ability to scale when needed.

Dedicated Internet Access 5-Week Implementation.png

Dedicated Internet Access: 5-Week Implementation: Lumen’s offering aims to improve connectivity to Microsoft public services such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, and other SaaS products running on Microsoft Azure. Customer traffic takes the shortest path to the Microsoft network from the nearest edge.

DevOps Consulting 6-Week Implementation.png

DevOps Consulting: 6-Week Implementation: Canarys Automations offers GitHub and Microsoft Azure DevOps consulting services and implementation, providing expert assistance in the design and development of workflows for your organization’s code build and deployment.

DevOps Toolchain Consultation 3-Week Assessment.png

DevOps Toolchain Consultation: 3-Week Assessment: Available only in Hungarian, T-Systems’ DevOps Toolchain consulting service helps your company improve software development and testing and shorten deployment times. Spend less time integrating and more time delivering better quality software faster.

Digital Assistant for Knowledge Workers 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Digital Assistant for Knowledge Workers: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Using its experience in Microsoft Azure services, business processes, and artificial intelligence, Spikes will demonstrate the value of a digital assistant in a proof of concept. Gain hands-on insight into the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and tailor-made AI services.

Disaster Recovery - 4 Week Implementation.png

Disaster Recovery – 4 Week Implementation: Available only in Portuguese from DataEX, the Disaster Recovery Deployment Service maps key resources, determines which servers and services will be included in the disaster recovery plan, and then helps you create and implement it.

Finchloom Professional Services for Azure - 1-Hour Consultation.png

Finchloom Professional Services for Azure – 1-Hour Consultation: Finchloom’s free consultation will help you determine the scope and pricing for your deployment projects. Finchloom’s team will work with your organization’s IT department to identify how to transform your datacenters and develop hybrid cloud solutions or migrations to Microsoft Azure.

Netezza to Azure Synapse Analytics Migration - 2-Hour Workshop.png

IBM Netezza to Azure Synapse Analytics Migration – 2-Hour Workshop: In this free value discovery workshop, you will learn how you can reduce IBM Netezza to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics migration cost and timelines via a risk-mitigated approach using Hexaware’s AMAZE re-platforming solution.

Insurhub IFRS 17 Jumpstart 4-Week Assessment.png

Insurhub IFRS 17 Jumpstart: 4-Week Assessment: Built on Microsoft Azure, Insurhub allows insurers to leverage their existing finance, actuarial, policy, and other corporate systems to securely manage data, business rules, calculations, and processes required to meet IFRS 17 regulatory compliance.

IT Technical Support.png

IT Technical Support: Ideal for small and midsize legal entities, AJ Santos Comércio de Produtos de Informática e Serviços’ IT Technical Support services cover information security, cloud management, software installation, and more. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

MAaaS (Analytics Service) 8-Week Implementation.png

MAaaS (Analytics Service): 8-Week Implementation: Available only in Korean, MAaaS is a Managed Analytics as a Service that operates and manages AI predictive models in Microsoft Azure. From developing and applying initial predictive models to diagnosing performance to tuning models, Data Solutions offers analytics to fill your needs.

Migrate to Windows Virtual Desktop -2 Hour Workshop.png

Migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop – 2-Hour Workshop: Hexaware invites you to a free value discovery workshop for companies looking to migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) from Citrix or VMWare Horizon. Learn how you can realize centralized management, improved data security, simplified deployment, lower costs, and more.

Move to Cloud  5-Day Assessment.png

Move to Cloud: 5-Day Assessment: Orange Business Services will help you define the best migration strategy to Microsoft Azure to improve your organization’s agility, efficiency, and cost optimization in line with your existing IT environment.

NetApp Back Up Cloud  6-Day Implementation.png

NetApp Back Up Cloud: 6-Day Implementation: Available only in French, ALFUN’s six-week implementation includes the hybridization of your organization’s NetApp solutions with Microsoft Azure for your backup and migration requirements.

SAP on Azure Migration 4-Week Assessment.png

SAP on Azure Migration: 4-Week Assessment: Learn about the requirements for migrating on-premises SAP systems to Microsoft Azure. T-Systems Hungary will map the parameters, interfaces, and dependencies of the source systems, then create target environments that are infrastructurally identical to the source environment.

Secure Landing Zone - 5-Week Implementation.png

Secure Landing Zone – 5-Week Implementation: Coforge Limited’s Secure Landing Zone offering brings a unique mix of Microsoft Azure best practice and Coforge’s deep technical expertise from managing cloud estates to help your organization start with a secure cloud foundation.

Teradata to Azure Synapse Analytics Migration - 2-Hour Workshop.png

Teradata to Azure Synapse Analytics Migration – 2-Hour Workshop: In this free value discovery workshop, you will learn how you can reduce Teradata to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics migration cost and timelines via a risk-mitigated approach using Hexaware’s AMAZE re-platforming solution.

VDI-Persona Investigation 4-Week Assessment.png

VDI-Persona Investigation: 4-Week Assessment: Orange Business Services’ consultants will work with you to determine which devices are used in your organization along with your application and data requirements, then create a design-led approach for the deployment of an Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) environment.

Workload Migration to Azure 10-Week Implementation.png

Workload Migration to Azure: 10-Week Implementation: The Applied Information Sciences Workload Migration to Azure offering aims to help organizations move on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Azure commercial cloud. The offering targets Microsoft Windows and Linux server workloads running on physical servers or virtualized on VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V.

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