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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 100 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


ABS Enterprise Edition.png

ABS Enterprise Edition: Developed by insurers for insurers, ABS Enterprise Edition handles property, life, and health insurances, both commercial and private. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing systems and can save insurers time by automating processes.

AT&T powered guardian device with Azure Sphere.png

AT&T powered guardian device with Azure Sphere: AT&T’s powered guardian device, which uses the secured architecture of Microsoft Azure Sphere, enables highly secure, simple, and scalable IoT connectivity from virtually anywhere. It makes provisioning easier without the need to reconfigure local networks.

ATOSS Time Control.png

ATOSS Time Control: ATOSS Time Control’s modular product suite for workforce management features flexible planning windows, pre-configured deployment scenarios, multilingual capabilities, role-based processes, time recording, and workforce scheduling.

Automate ServiceNow incidents for Azure errors.png

Automate ServiceNow incidents for Azure errors: MOURI Tech’s error-handling framework, designed for Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps, helps users manage services and resources. It offers quick integration to IT service desks, and it can automate ServiceNow incidents.


BRoomHubs: BRoomHubs is a visitor management and conference room reservation service made for the shifting role of offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps companies achieve office reforms based on the issues of space, health, and productivity. This app is available only in Japanese.

Centero Software Manager for Intune.png

Centero Software Manager for Intune: Centero Software Manager for Microsoft Intune automates the patch management process for third-party apps, lightening the load for IT support workers. Predictable and configurable deployment processes can be specified by using Microsoft Azure Active Directory groups.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager.png

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v1.8.0: CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager uses Vormetric Data Security Manager or CipherTrust Manager to create keys and store them with FIPS 140-2-compliant security. Cloud Key Manager facilitates compliance with data protection mandates that require keys to be stored and managed by customers.

CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS Benchmark L1.png

CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS Benchmark L1: This image of CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 is pre-configured by the Center for Internet Security to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

D3 NextGen SOAR.png

D3 NextGen SOAR: D3’s security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution intended for Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Office 365 provides features for managing playbooks, integrations, attacker techniques, and incident response.


DataDear: Looking for a better way to handle and automate your data to and from your accounting software? DataDear helps finance teams speed up data entry and increase data visibility by linking company data to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI.


Datadog: DataDog is a monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications that aggregates data with more than 400 integrations for troubleshooting, alerting, and graphing. Monitor your servers, cloud resources, metrics, and apps with Datadog.


E-Migrator: E-Migrator, a migration and analytics tool, enables customers to realize the cost savings of migrating from Zoom to Microsoft Teams. Synergy Advisors helps customers easily adopt Teams and meet the demands of modern work.


E-Vigilant: E-Vigilant from Synergy Advisors provides alerts, notifications, and responses directly in Microsoft Teams. E-Vigilant’s rules engine and integration with Microsoft Power Platform can optimize your data loss prevention platform by reducing false positives and surfacing malicious incidents.


EXO BIOSECURITY ACCESS: EXO BIOSECURITY ACCESS uses facial recognition and body temperature measurements to help companies manage personnel at their entry points without physical contact. This app is available only in Spanish.

EXO CDM - Centro de Diagnostico Movil.png

EXO CDM – Mobile Diagnostic Center: EXO CDM facilitates remote medical diagnosis. It lets physicians, nurses, or paramedics measure the vital signs of a patient and conduct consultations via video. This app is available only in Spanish.

FRISS Risk mitigation at Underwriting.png

FRISS Risk mitigation at Underwriting: FRISS enables digitalized and automated quotation, application, underwriting, and renewal processes. FRISS uses real-time AI risk and fraud scoring to help property and casualty insurance carriers make quicker and more informed underwriting decisions.

Goalhub for Teams.png

Goalhub for Teams: Designed for schools and higher education institutions, Goalhub enables goal-based learning and development through partnership with support networks. Students can get training and a path to employment through personalized learning, coaching, and mentoring.

Hitachi Solutions IoT Energy Optimization.png

Hitachi Solutions IoT Energy Optimization: Hitachi’s IoT Energy Optimization solution uses Microsoft Azure to centralize relevant building data with real-time weather updates and then execute proactive boiler plant adjustments.

Infosys Data Testing Workbench.png

Infosys Data Testing Workbench: Infosys Data Testing Workbench, a next-generation automation solution, streamlines and accelerates the testing of data integration processes through its user-friendly, comprehensive, and integrated web-based platform.

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite.png

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite: Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite is a scalable, high-performance, cost-effective data privacy and protection solution that automates the data masking process in a centralized manner. It can be deployed on any platform and supports all major databases and file systems.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Mgmt Platform.png

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Mgmt Platform: Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform makes application management agile, intelligent, and outcome-driven using Microsoft integration products on-premises or with Azure. Achieve faster time to market and better value realization.

Javascript Developer Kit.png

JavaScript Developer Kit: This virtual machine offering from TechLatest comes with preinstalled JavaScript packages and frameworks, including Node.js, Angular, React, and more, enabling you to start developing with JavaScript in minutes.

Jobful Career Platform.png

Jobful Career Platform: Use Jobful Career Platform to transform your career page into a digital playground that attracts, engages, and hires the best talent for your company. This private-label solution enables you to build your candidates a gamified experience customized to your brand book.

KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure on CentOS 8.png

KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure on CentOS 8: This image provides KUSANAGI on CentOS 8. KUSANAGI is an open-source WordPress virtual machine for speeding up content management systems. It features support for MariaDB and SSL encryption.

LiDAR solution traffic and pedestrian tracking.png

LiDAR solution traffic and pedestrian tracking: Quantum Labs SEAS-XS helps data centers, airports, and other high-security sites detect potential threats. The solution automates control of security cameras using data from a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) mesh and applies facial recognition capabilities.

Luware Nimbus for Microsoft Teams.png

Luware Nimbus for Microsoft Teams: Luware’s Nimbus adds call queueing, presence-based routing, reporting functions, and a switchboard to Microsoft Teams. Nimbus distributes calls to Teams users based on their Teams presence status (green = available, red = busy, gray = away).

MyPatient 360.png

MyPatient 360: Developed by oncologists, hospital administrators, bioinformaticians, and engineers, MyPatient 360 is a virtual molecular tumor board solution. It’s powered by a framework that stores and integrates genomic, pathology, and electronic medical record data at scale.

Nexeed Industrial Application System.png

Nexeed Industrial Application System: Nexeed Industrial Application System features master data management, multitenant access control, ticket management, a web portal, tracking of key production-line performance indicators, and more.

Nuance AI Marketplace.png

Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging: Nuance AI Marketplace offers AI developers a single API to connect their AI models to more than 80 percent of U.S. radiologists across more than 7,500 connected healthcare facilities. This helps radiologists quickly detect key clinical findings and improve patient care.

Nuance CDE One.png

Nuance CDE One: Through Nuance CDE One, an AI-powered workflow management solution, clinical documentation improvement teams can engage collaboratively with physicians, resulting in documentation that’s more reflective of each patient’s acuity and level of care.

Nuance Surgical CAPD.png

Nuance Surgical CAPD: Nuance’s Surgical Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) offers a guided workflow experience to address common challenges for surgeons and proceduralists, including streamlining repetitive tasks and enabling one-pass operative reports.

OnePlan for Strategic Portfolio Management.png

OnePlan for Strategic Portfolio Management: OnePlan’s Strategic Portfolio Management allows businesses to manage their objectives and key results, enabling a framework where progress can be easily followed and updated. List views and board views offer visual ways to understand interdependencies between objectives.


One-x-Connection: One-x-Connection is a health and social services eligibility and enrollment solution for government agencies and community-based organizations. It features automated electronic communication with applicants, dashboards to improve workload management, and intuitive data collection.

RazorThink RZT aiOS (the operating system for AI).png

RazorThink RZT aiOS (the operating system for AI): With RZT aiOS, data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and IT/AI operations personnel can apply AI to development and deployment. RZT aiOS abstracts and automates complexity, improving data wrangling, model building, experiments, and more.

Rendezvous Venue Management Software.png

Rendezvous Venue Management Software: Maximize revenue and streamline venue operations with Rendezvous from NFS Technology Group. Rendezvous features a powerful reporting engine, a graphical reporting dashboard, and more than 150 built-in reports.

Rendezvous Visitor Management Software.png

Rendezvous Visitor Management Software: Rendezvous from NFS Technology Group incorporates COVID-19 safeguards into enterprise visitor management. Easily add visitors to your meeting room bookings, send them health questionnaires, and grant or restrict access through automated controls. - The process analytics tool.png – The process analytics tool: Robolytix provides detailed process insights with financial and operational key performance indicators through online dashboards, charts, and reports. With Robolytix, users can monitor, analyze, evaluate, and audit business processes.

Safe AutoLogon.png

Safe AutoLogon: Safe AutoLogon from WM Software lets you securely log on to Windows desktops and servers. When paired with Safe AutoLogon Password Server, it syncs passwords with Active Directory. Safe AutoLogon is used worldwide in hospitals, hotels, kiosks, and point-of-sale stations.

Safe AutoLogon Password Server.png

Safe AutoLogon Password Server: Safe AutoLogon Password Server is the management solution for Safe AutoLogon client software. Use it to centrally manage Active Directory passwords. The solution features 256-bit AES encryption and built-in fault tolerance.


SmartPortal365: SmartPortal365, an out-of-the-box digital workplace solution based on Microsoft 365 services, provides a digital hub for collaboration and communication. Use it to create and edit documents, share project news, and discover Microsoft 365 solutions. This app is available in English and German.

Teleware365 Direct Routing.png

Teleware365 Direct Routing: Teleware365 Direct Routing from Teleware Plc is ideal for organizations looking for a simple way to connect Microsoft Teams to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Teleware Plc utilizes multiple carriers to field PSTN needs and ensure service continuity.


tesai-engagement: Tesai is a health ecosystem where users can buy medicine and store exam and emergency contact information. Healthcare professionals can host content pages there and connect their calendars. This solution is available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

tyGraph Enterprise.png

tyGraph Enterprise: tyGraph Enterprise provides comparative analysis across workloads in your Office 365 network, providing a full picture of emerging trends, viewable by department or across the entire enterprise. Turn your untapped data into dashboards that unlock deeper insights.

Voice Predictive Analysis.png

Voice Predictive Analysis: VoiceSense delivers predictive behavioral analytics based on acoustic speech analysis. By analyzing a person’s vocal patterns in real time, VoiceSense can determine their typical behavioral tendencies and predict the probability of future behaviors.

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.4.3.png

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.4.3: The Vormetric Data Security Manager from Thales eSecurity provisions and manages keys for Vormetric Data Security Platform solutions. Enable granular control over users and groups, and ensure that security policies are enforced across your organization.

Workplace HUB.png

Workplace HUB: Workplace HUB provides an easy and automated way to manage workstations across your organization’s facilities. It simulates and reconfigures floor plants, defines seats, and helps manage booking and approvals. This app is available in English and Portuguese.

Zscaler Private Access.png

Zscaler Private Access: Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) abstracts private, internal applications from their networks to provide secure remote access. Instead of the network layer tunnels used in legacy remote-access methods, ZPA’s encrypted, per-session microtunnels are created only upon demand.

Consulting services

API Management CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

API Management CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Learn how to enable your business to expose information services in a secure and scalable way in Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.’s one-hour assessment. Explore the benefits of managing APIs in a unified environment and get started with hybrid and cross-cloud API management.

App-Innovation in a Day Workshop - Design Thinking.png

App-Innovation in a Day Workshop / Design Thinking: Available only in German, kuehlhaus AG’s workshop explores digital product strategies using design thinking methods. Identify candidates for app modernization and innovation using Microsoft Azure with a focus on services, products, and business models.

Azure Cloud Adoption Discovery – 4 week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Adoption Discovery – 4 week Assessment: Seepath’s three-step Cloud Adoption Discovery assessment will determine a plan for how your organization can take advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud technologies to help modernize and optimize your business and processes.

Azure Cloud Security 1-day workshop.png

Azure Cloud Security: 1-day workshop: Intended for security professionals, system admins, and IT professionals interested in Microsoft Azure security tools, Awara IT Solutions LLC’s workshop delivers practical and theoretical knowledge about modern approaches to infrastructure security using Azure.

Azure Cost Management CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Azure Cost Management CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Learn how to monitor your spending in the cloud, increase accountability in your organization, and boost the return on your Microsoft Azure investment in Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.’s one-hour Azure Cost Management assessment.

Azure Data Factory Migration 2-Wk Assessment.png

Azure Data Factory Migration: 2-Wk Assessment: This two-week assessment from erwin Inc. will help you evaluate your migration effort and identify complexities before making a significant investment. Gain full visibility into your ETL jobs, their content, and the implications of moving to Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Factory Migration 2-Wk Assessment (UK).png

Azure Data Factory Migration: 2-Wk Assessment (UK): Available in the UK, erwin Inc.’s two-week assessment will help you evaluate your migration effort and identify complexities before making a significant investment. Gain full visibility into your ETL jobs, their content, and the implications of moving to Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Factory Migration 2-Wk Assessment (US).png

Azure Data Factory Migration: 2-Wk Assessment (US): Available in the U.S., erwin Inc.’s two-week assessment will help you evaluate your migration effort and identify complexities before making a significant investment. Gain full visibility into your ETL jobs, their content, and the implications of moving to Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service - 4 weeks POC.png

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service – 4 weeks POC: Speridian Technologies’ Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will help you automate the protection and replication of your virtual machines, create customizable, no-impact recovery plans, replicate to and recover in Microsoft Azure, and more.

Azure Government CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Azure Government CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Learn about comprehensive Microsoft Azure services built to support U.S. agencies and partners working with classified data in this one-hour assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.

Azure IaaS Proof of Concept 3-Day Engagement.png

Azure IaaS Proof of Concept: 3-Day Engagement: Looking to test how your workloads work in a public cloud and start leveraging the benefits of an elastic cloud compute model? Seepath’s three-day proof of concept will help you navigate the Microsoft Azure portal so that you know where to go and which tools to use.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: This assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A. uses Azure Advisor to optimize your Azure Kubernetes Service deployments. Simplify infrastructure management and deployment, reduce costs, and scale resources quickly based on your business needs.

Azure Kubernetes Services 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Kubernetes Service 2-Day Workshop: Adopting Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) enables companies to ship new services to customers quickly. This two-day workshop from Attunix will explain how you can use containerized applications and AKS to deliver, operate, and scale applications and services.

Azure Quick Start 3 Week Assessment.png

Azure Quick Start: 3 Week Assessment: Utilizing its extensive infrastructure plan, design, and build experience, Taos Mountain, LLC will deliver a three-week Azure Quick Start engagement tailored to your organization’s needs. Deliverables include a roadmap with a recommended migration plan to accelerate your organization to Azure.

Azure Security Center CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Azure Security Center CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: The Azure Security Center assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A. enables you to view and assess the security status of your resources in Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds. Learn how to leverage continuous assessment of security measures and protect against threats.

Azure Sentinel CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Azure Sentinel CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Learn how Azure Sentinel uses AI to detect and respond to threats quickly in Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.’s one-hour assessment. You’ll also learn how Azure Sentinel scales resources to meet your security needs while helping to reduce your organization’s IT costs.

Azure Workload Migration - Implementation - 21 days.png

Azure Workload Migration – Implementation – 21 days: Closely aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Compugen’s Azure Workload Migration implementation will help assess and migrate up to 15 targeted workloads to the Azure landing zone.

BrillioOne RemoteWork at Scale-1-Wk Implementation.png

BrillioOne RemoteWork at Scale-1-Wk Implementation: This free one-week implementation from Brillo serves as your guide and accelerator to using Microsoft Azure in your organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Cloud adoption enablement 2-week assessment.png

Cloud adoption enablement 2-week assessment: GFT Poland’s two-week assessment helps you establish a successful roadmap for incorporating Microsoft Azure into your strategic technology landscape, delivering a plan for an effective combination of hybrid and cloud-native environments.

Cloud Adoption 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Adoption: 2-Week Assessment: Atende S.A.’s Cloud Adoption assessment is designed to help any organization succeed in its journey to the cloud. Atende consultants will work with you to define your business objectives and prepare your organization to move to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Architecture 4-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Architecture: 4-Week Assessment: This four-week Azure architecture assessment from Seepath helps management, line-of-business, and IT teams validate the design of their cloud deployment and identify potential areas for improvement.

Cloud Archiving One-hour assessment.png

Cloud Archiving: One-hour assessment: Are you interested in moving all or part of your SAP documents and information to Microsoft Azure? This free one-hour assessment from itesys AG reviews the possibilities for managing SAP documents cost-effectively in the cloud.

Cloud Security Identity 1-Day Workshop.png

Cloud Security: Identity 1-Day Workshop: Available in Norwegian and English, this workshop from Move AS covers conditional access, the Privileged Identity Management (PIM) process, and other security tools and features in Microsoft products and technologies.

Deep Dive Azure IoT Central 2 day Proof of Concept.png

Deep Dive Azure IoT Central 2 day Proof of Concept: In this two-day proof of concept, Deep Network GmbH will introduce you to Azure IoT Central, a fast and easy-to-implement IoT solution, and work with you to develop a strategy for your organization’s IoT needs.

DRaaS on Azure - 1 Week Assessment.png

DRaaS on Azure – 1 Week Assessment: In this one-week assessment, Seepath’s Azure-certified cloud architects will create a roadmap to assess, understand, define, and plan an optimized, efficient IT disaster recovery strategy for your organization.

Foundation Design & Build - Implementation - 10 Days.png

Foundation Design & Build – Implementation – 10 Days: Compugen’s 10-day implementation is intended to help organizations with the most important step on the cloud adoption path, designing and building a strong foundation for your Microsoft Azure environment as part of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

HoloLens 2 Fast-Start 2-hr Workshop.png

HoloLens 2 Fast-Start: 2-hr Workshop: Insight Canada Inc.’s structured approach to Microsoft HoloLens 2 adoption, delivered via remote session, covers the basics of mixed reality and HoloLens 2 to help guide you on the path to effective deployment.

Liquid Azure Expert Services.png

Liquid Azure Expert Services: Liquid Telecom can provide the help you need to harness the power of Microsoft Azure. Liquid Telecom’s services include support, security, and management of Azure infrastructure, networking configuration and testing, and analytics and reporting.

Managed Services for Azure Cloud - 2 Hrs Briefing.png

Managed Services for Azure Cloud – 2 Hrs Briefing: Hitachi Solutions’ free briefing is designed to help you understand how Microsoft Azure can accelerate your cloud transformation journey and give your organization a competitive advantage.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure Active Directory CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Learn how you can protect your business with a universal identity platform in this assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A. Azure Active Directory provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and more to help protect your users from threats.

Microsoft Azure Specialists CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure Specialists CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Need help designing a solution on Microsoft Azure to achieve your business goals? This one-hour assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A. includes one-on-one demos to help you get started in the Azure portal, create and deploy your first service, and set up billing alerts.

Microsoft Security 1-Day Workshop.png

Microsoft Security 1-Day Workshop: Seepath will provide you with practical information and hands-on experience to help your organization securely design and set up cloud access using Microsoft Azure security services. Seepath will explore your security and governance needs and will help you address any areas of concern.

Migration Assessment - Assessment - 2 Days.png

Migration Assessment – Assessment – 2 Days: Aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and designed as the first step in your cloud adoption path, Compugen’s two-day migration assessment is for organizations beginning their Microsoft Azure journey and those looking for confirmation of their work to date.

Natural Language Processing 10-week PoC.png

Natural Language Processing: 10-week PoC: Using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services combined with academic research experience in cutting-edge, deep learning NLP technologies, SpectData Pty Ltd’s proof of concept presents significant business opportunities through the effective use of text data.

NTT DATA Subscription Management.png

NTT DATA Subscription Management: In this offer, NTT DATA will provide comprehensive management of your Microsoft Azure virtual datacenter using a combination of ITIL-based methodologies and industry best practices. These include self-healing solutions, automation, and infrastructure as code.

NTT Managed IP VPN Service.png

NTT Managed IP VPN Service: In this engagement, NTT will determine your Microsoft Azure connectivity requirements and collaborate to develop a solution. NTT will also provide operational support for its managed IP VPN service on an ongoing basis.

NTT Managed SD-WAN Service.png

NTT Managed SD-WAN Service: This managed SD-WAN service from NTT allows businesses to become more agile and responsive to user needs by providing self-service activation within minutes and real-time configuration change management through a secure client portal.

OMA (Oracle Migration Assessment).png OMA (Oracle Migration Assessment): This service from System Consultant Co. Ltd. will present you with the information you need when considering migration, such as costs and transition details. This offer is available only in Japanese.


ProActive - Azure Migration 4 weeks Assessment.png

ProActive – Azure Migration: 4 weeks Assessment: In this four-week assessment, ProActive A/S will help you analyze your organization’s infrastructure for migration readiness and discover which systems and workloads would benefit from being migrated to Microsoft Azure.

Road to Azure with Kubernetes 8-hour workshop.png

Road to Azure with Kubernetes 8-hour workshop: In this eight-hour workshop, GFT Poland’s cloud solution architects will help you understand the goals of using Kubernetes for deploying workflows in your organization, establish core architecture decision drivers for container workloads, and identify security and data protection principles.

Roadmap to Azure 6 Week Assessment.png

Roadmap to Azure: 6 Week Assessment: Using its cloud migration methodology and process, Taos Mountain, LLC offers this six-week engagement to assess, analyze, design, and plan your organization’s roadmap to Microsoft Azure.

S-4HANA SAP Digital Transformation – POC 10 Weeks.png

S/4HANA SAP Digital Transformation – POC 10 Weeks: Groupe Hisi offers this 10-week proof of concept designed to facilitate your organization’s S/4HANA migration journey to Microsoft Azure. Deliverables include architecture, installation, and configuration documents that can be used for the next steps of your digital transformation.

SAP on Azure CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

SAP on Azure CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.’s SAP on Azure assessment covers the benefits of delivering Azure intelligence, security, and reliability to SAP applications. Learn about integrating solutions with Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Apps, and more to improve customer experience.

SAP on Azure Foundations 4-Day Workshop.png

SAP on Azure Foundations: 4-Day Workshop: Designed for cloud solution architects, SAP Basis admins, and SAP infrastructure admins, Kochasoft Inc.’s instructor-led workshop training helps participants understand how to utilize Microsoft Azure and other resources to support SAP environments and workloads.

SAP on Azure Migration Consultation 1-Hr Briefing.png

SAP on Azure Migration Consultation: 1-Hr Briefing: Created to introduce technical and business leaders to KochaSoft Inc.’s agile, customized SAP cloud migration solutions, this one-hour consultation covers the requirements needed to assess your SAP landscape, how to plan a migration, cost considerations, and more.

Secure Windows Virtual Desktop as-a-Service.png

Secure Windows Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service: Infront’s virtual desktop infrastructure service, based on Windows Virtual Desktop, is continually monitored and automatically scales to meet demand and manage costs. It adheres to Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) standards for operating at Official and Protected classifications.

SLIDER Managed Services.png

SLIDER Managed Services: In this service, Slider will provide your organization a team of experts to implement and monitor Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. This offer is available only in Spanish.

SQL Health and Risk Audit 3 day assessment.png

SQL Health and Risk Audit: 3 day assessment: Available only in French, Qubark’s three-day assessment includes a review of your Azure SQL Server environment along with a list of problems, risks, and recommendations. Proactively improve stability, safety, and performance across your organization.

SQL performance optimization 3 day assessment.png

SQL performance optimization: 3 day assessment: Experiencing performance issues with Azure SQL Database or SQL on-premises? Qubark will collect and analyze your performance data, then provide recommendations to address bottlenecks (CPU, memory, disk, network) and the most resource-consuming queries. This offer is available only in French.


Vault: Vault, part of the Elevate portfolio from Procomix Technology Group, delivers web access to applications through virtual desktop infrastructure. Use Vault to segregate apps involving sensitive data from the network. This offer includes deployment and ongoing management services.

Windows Virtual Desktop CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: This one-hour assessment from Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A. will show you how Windows Virtual Desktop, a comprehensive application and desktop virtualization service that runs in the cloud, can help your organization save time and reduce desktop management and support costs.

Windows Virtual Desktop Pilot 10 day Workshop.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Pilot 10 day Workshop: Created to help you get the most from your Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) investment, CDW’s 10-day workshop helps accelerate the deployment of applications and desktops to Microsoft Azure. Deliverables include a WVD infrastructure overview, cost assessment, and more.

Wipfli Azure Ongoing Services.png

Wipfli Azure Ongoing Services: In this offer, Wipfli will manage all your Microsoft Azure resources, including IaaS, updates, patching, backups, and security best practices. Wipfli’s managed services accelerates the adoption of cloud technology to improve business efficiency.

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