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View the recording of Azure Data Explorer online event recording  to hear all about the great new features, announcements, and collaborations for Azure Data Explorer – Azure’s fast, fully- service for real-time analysis of telemetry big data streaming from apps, websites, IoT devices, and more.


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One of Azure’s most used services and the foundation of Microsoft’s telemetry platform, Azure Data Explorer , combines broad data exploration and powerful analytical queries with lightning-fast interactivity.


Use Azure Data Explorer to:

  • Monitor mission-critical systems.

  • Analyze IoT data from thousands of devices.

  • Explore and identify trends and anomalies in your data.

  • Tune up customer experience.

  • And many more exciting capabilities!

Read Azure Data Explorer – Reimagine Telemetry Analytics  to learn about the latest groundbreaking innovations, new features, and exciting collaborations.

The event includes a keynote by Rohan Kumar, CVP, Azure Data and fascinating content by the product group team members, delivering sessions on various topics. See the full agenda below.


List the announcements & Azure Updates:







Duration (Min)

Opening Session

Opening words, brief overview of the agenda and service

Oded Sacher, Partner Group Manager

Uri Barash, Principal Group Program Manager


Reimagine Telemetry Analytics, with Rohan Kumar

Join us to hear from Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, about the exciting developments with Azure Data Explorer, Microsoft’s telemetry analytics platform that is powering Microsoft’s internal and external business

CVP, Azure Data, Rohan Kumar


  Daimler trucks north America

 Lutz BeckCIO

Doug Murphy Data intelligence manager

Sammi Li, data analysts 

  Checkpoint  Itai Greenberg, VP Product & Product marketing  

What’s new with ADX

Updates on the latest and greatest in ADX ingestion, query, dashboards and more

Gabi Lehner, Program Manager
Tzvia Gitlin Troyna, Program Manager


Powering Engineering Excellence With Azure Data Explorer

Taboola on AzureDataExplorer “It’s magic, interactive & intuitive. My users are in love”

Ariel Pisetzky, VP Information Technology & Cyber at Taboola.


Start Fast and Accelerate! 

The next generation of the Kusto engine


Azure Data Explorer engine enhancements.

Evgeney Ryzhyk, Partner Software Engineer

Alexander Sloutsky, Principal Engineering Manager

Avner Aharoni, Principal Program Manager





Azure Data Explorer now supports AMD based SKUs

Vlad Rozanovich, CVP Datacenters and Cloud sales



Customers’ Stories 

  1. Bosch – Andreas Mauer, VP CTO Integrator Business 

  2. Siemens Health – Thomas Zeiser, Product Owner, Philipp Guendisch, Operation Engineer, Henri Benoit, System Engineering Lead and Emilian Ertel,  Operation Engineer

  3. Zoomd – Niv Sharoni, CTO

  4. BASF – Ringo Fodisch,  Senior Automation Engineer




Cedric Menzi, Solution Architect Samuel Ochsner, Lead Software Developer IoT bei Bühler Group




Azure Data Explorer


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