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Since the beginning of the Azure Arc Jumpstart project, our team has been devoted to providing our tech community an easy, efficient, and fun way of deploying various Azure Arc scenarios in an automated fashion. 


With the announcement of Azure Arc-enabled data services general availability, we are also excited to share with you the evolution of the related Jumpstart scenarios around it.


The Jumpstart project is an extension to the core Azure Arc products suite and as such, it is our core mission to provide our users with the most up-to-date deployment scenarios.


Support for directly connected mode

With directly connected mode, Azure Arc-enabled data services can now be projected as Azure resources in the portal and have 1st class API representation. For this release, we’ve updated both the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) scenarios to support directly connected mode.


As we continue to invest more efforts in creating Cluster API (CAPI) scenarios that leverage the Cluster API Azure Provider (CAPZ), in addition to the AKS and GKE updates mentioned above, 3 new scenarios were created using CAPI/CAPZ. These scenarios are great for those who want to deploy data services on an unmanaged Kubernetes environment to have more control but also to stimulate a closer “on-premises Kubernetes” experience.




Modular automation

As you already may know, Azure Arc-enabled data services support SQL Managed Instance and PostgreSQL Hyperscale. With our new and updated scenarios, we now allow for a parametrized deployment. A user can now use the same code base and choose if he wants to deploy just the Azure Arc data controller, SQL Managed Instance, PostgreSQL Hyperscale, or both. 


Although we provide 3 distinct scenarios to make things clean and easy to follow, a user can simply choose the deployment environment with just a couple of parameters.




[Note] We will be updating the AWS EKS scenario in our upcoming future releases.


ArcBox updates

At our Microsoft Build event last month, we announced the Jumpstart ArcBox solution. A super easy to deploy a full sandbox environment for you to get going with Azure Arc. We are happy to share that ArcBox now also supports Azure Arc-enabled data services in a directly connected mode so in a single ArcBox resource group you will now get both SQL Managed Instance and PostgreSQL Hyperscale deployed and projected as Azure Arc resources.


Azure Arc Partners

Microsoft partners are a critical part of the overall Azure Arc success! For many months now, the different engineering, marketing, and sales organizations within Microsoft have been working hard on building the right messaging, technical content, and strategy for Azure Arc and for our partners. In this new blog post, you can read all about our work and the Azure Arc partners available so you can make your organization successful with the technology.


We hope you will enjoy these cool updates and please reach out for any questions.



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