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Below is the latest information on Project for the web. If you use on-premises Project and want to learn about Project 2021, please see below or go to the article.


New Features:

  • Email assignment notifications ~ Your teammates will receive an email whenever they are assigned a task in Project for the web. Edit your notification settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top Office ribbon and clicking on the “Notification settings” under the Project heading.

  • Actions on Project Home ~ Copy, rename, export, or delete your project directly from Project Home, without needing to open it in the browser.

  • Open task from Project Power Bi Report ~ You can now directly open task details in Project Board from the Project Power Bi ‘Task Overview’ page. You can download the updated content pack available here.



Upcoming Features

  • Import from Project desktop ~ Import your .mpp files from Project desktop to Project for the web. 

  • Filtering on Board & Timeline views ~ Find your tasks quickly on the Board and Timeline views by filtering by keyword or assignee.


Announcing Microsoft Office 2021

The entire Microsoft Office team is excited to announce the commercial preview of Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for Windows and Office 2021 for Mac. You can learn more about this preview by reading the Tech Community blog post here.


Microsoft Project Trivia

Last Month:

Thanks to everyone who put their guesses in the comments last month!

Question: Which type of resource is NOT supported by Project for the web?


  1. Equipment

  2. Placeholder

  3. Crew

  4. Generic

The correct answer was Placeholder. You can create non-user resources in Project for the web through Power Apps:





Learn more about how to create non-user resources in Project for the web here.


This Month:

QUESTION: Users with Project Plan 3 or 5 can create roadmaps including all their project information. What year did Roadmap in Microsoft Project first become available to users?





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