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Code Optimizations: A New AI-Based Service for .NET Performance Optimization

We are thrilled to announce that Code Optimizations (previously known as Optimization Insights) is now available in public preview! This new AI-based service can identify performance issues and offer recommendations specifically tailored for .NET applications and cloud services.


What is Code Optimizations?

Code Optimizations is a service within Application Insights that continuously analyzes profiler traces from your application or cloud service and provides insights and recommendations on how to improve its performance.


Code Optimizations can help you identify and solve a wide range of performance issues, ranging from incorrect API usages and unnecessary allocations all the way to issues relating to exceptions and concurrency. It can also detect anomalies whenever your application or cloud service exhibits abnormal CPU or Memory behavior.


Code Optimizations PageCode Optimizations Page


Why should I use Code Optimizations?

Code Optimizations can help you optimize the performance of your .NET applications and cloud services by:

  • Saving you time and effort: Instead of manually sifting through gigabytes of profiler data or relying on trial-and-error methods, you can use Code Optimizations to automatically uncover complex performance bugs and get guidance on how to solve them.

  • Improving your user experience: By improving the speed and reliability of your application or cloud service, you can enhance your user satisfaction and retention rates. This can also help you gain a competitive edge over other apps or services in your market.

  • Saving you money: By fixing performance issues early and efficiently, you can reduce the need for scaling out cloud resources or paying for unnecessary compute power. This can help you avoid problems such as cloud sprawling or overspending on your Azure bill.

How does Code Optimizations work?

Code Optimizations relies on an AI model trained on thousands of traces collected from Microsoft-owned services around the globe. By learning from these traces, the model can glean patterns corresponding to various performance issues seen in .NET applications and learn from the expertise of performance engineers at Microsoft. This enables our AI model to pinpoint with accuracy a wide range of performance issues in your app and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to fix them.


Code Optimizations runs at no additional cost to you and is completely offline to the app. It has no impact on your app’s performance.


How can I use Code Optimizations?

If you are interested in trying out this new service for free during its public preview period, you can access it using the following steps:

  1. Sign up for Application Insights if you haven’t already. Application Insights is a powerful application performance monitoring (APM) tool that helps you monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot your apps.

  2. Enable profiling for your .NET app or cloud service. Profiling collects detailed information about how your app executes at runtime.

  3. Navigate to the Application Insights Performance blade from the left navigation pane under Investigate and select Code Optimizations from the top menu.


Link to Code Optimizations from Application Insights: PerformanceLink to Code Optimizations from Application Insights: Performance


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