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We are excited to announce the integration of Azure Data Explorer with Azure Purview today.

The new ADX capabilities will create more transparency on how data is delivered into your data lake and how this data is structured.

This data governance tool is built for data consumers, such as analysts, business users, data scientists, etc. It’s built to help you to discover your data source, data pipeline, data structure, how to access the data, and if it is classified (for example if there are special privacy regulations that need to be fulfilled in order to work with that data).


Here are some examples of key Azure Data Explorer scenarios leveraging the built-in custom rule functionality of Azure Purview:

  • Discover data flow for each data component

    • Leverage Azure Purview metadata, lineage and custom classifications/rules

  • Easily answer these questions about my data structure “Does our data contain PII data?” “Is my PII data processed and isolated properly?”

    • Leverage Azure Purview classifications, lineage

  • Confidently use all relevant data sources for dashboard and queries

    • Leverage Azure Purview upstream lineage, classifications/business glossary


The Azure Data Explorer and Azure Purview product teams have worked together from the beginning. The first version of the connector was released in private preview and has provided valuable insights from the first set of customers. Today, based on that feedback, we are thrilled to provide a native connector for ADX that’s ready for public preview.

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