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Advanced breaches like human-operated ransomware campaigns and Solorigate continue to pose significant risks to businesses. Most of these breaches involve tampering with security solutions and settings. To defend against these types of breaches, it’s clear that tamper protection in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint should be turned on for all devices. Tamper protection helps prevent bad actors from disabling security features, such as antivirus protection, on your devices.


Last year, we announced support for tamper protection on Configuration Manager managed devices (using tenant attach). The update helps ensure that all devices onboarded to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint have tamper protection turned on, and is applicable for both active- and passive-mode devices.

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TIP: If you are managing devices in a hybrid environment, or you need more granular control than a tenant-wide setting, continue using Intune or Configuration Manager. We recommend keeping tamper protection turned on, tenant wide. To do that, you can use the Microsoft Defender Security Center or the Microsoft 365 security center. 


You shouldn’t need to exclude devices from tamper protection; however, if your organization wants to exclude devices, use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. To learn more, see Exclude groups from a profile assignment.


Currently, the option to manage tamper protection for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is on an opt-in basis, with plans to make this the default method in near future.


To learn more, see Manage tamper protection using the Microsoft Defender Security Center.

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